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    Members Only tag?

    I'll reply to your initial response, Eevee. So I'd noticed. (btw please don't change your reply retrospectively when you know it'll be caught; just like your changing of member's ages behind the scenes elsewhere. Your immaturity is showing again). *nodnods* A few people including high...
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    Who's the best band?

    Anonymous poll? *g* *votes*
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    Publicising the Search Feature?

    *nods* Gradual introduction is fair enough if performance characteristics are uncertain and require to be monitored or the mechanism tuned (even with volume testing presumably having taken place). Once that's known /not/ to be eating the servers alive for a larger subset of the community, I...
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    The By You/For You Policy

    SCC? :) Well, the current proposition as I understand removes the "for you" clause entirely and appears to have no intention of building in additional functionality ("And it makes reading comments twice as hard, complicates the UI, potentially places extra unnecessary moderation burden on the...
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    The By You/For You Policy

    Would you rather FA was that "overbearing ogre" with no flexibility whatsoever? It's a simple matter to put "finished works will be displayed in my gallery unless permission is requested beforehand" on one's standard commission terms & conditions along with the rest of the spiel. Deliberately...
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    The By You/For You Policy

    ... or link/s, if they're on the site. Is one approach, yes. Well, redundant if heading back towards a "VCL+" model with none too subtle overtones of non-artists as second rank citizens despite four years of heading somewhat in the opposite direction in a reasonably flexible manner. If it was...
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    The By You/For You Policy

    Erm, no, otherwise I wouldn't have said other "original artists", but thanks for checking to clarify. Definition of "sketchbook" is varying depending on context, I guess. ;) k; just to make perfectly clear, rather than have your sketchbook wherein other artists have drawn your own character/s...
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    I miss Nylak :( .

    *loves this idea in general* :> Modding/admining can eat up pretty much every spare minute if done well and conscientiously. Go easy, Nylak. ;) d.
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    "That thing you wanted"

    Huge amount of data to trawl if done in an unstructured manner. Going in via tags/keywords, at least in the first instance, is a sensible solution. Would love to know what the sort order, if any, is on the result set. :) The limit of 1,000 whilst paging through that is a bit of a nuisance in...
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    Searchroll? WTF?

    *g*. Too late? I'd thought these were owing to broken thumbs for the first few, then I just shrugged...
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    The By You/For You Policy

    Mhmm... Various possibilities for handling collabs or commissioned work, but need also to consider cases where the artist (or artists) is not on FA, has gafiated or worse. Add to that the concern that the underlying data structures required need to be decided upon before the code and if we're...
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    Happy 4th Birthday FA

    Oi! Quit jumping the gun: I could've used local time here. ;) *gets back to searching again* Happy b'day, FA. :)
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    A Furfag's Wet Dream

    Could always "edit that out" in passing. Heck, they wouldn't even know... ;> (Poll needs to be less bipolar and without that furry agenda? ^^)
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    LOL, Furry Precentages

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    Wikipedia, y u do dis

    Got a bit of an ironic smile to see that prominence granted vs. all attempts to set up a FurAffinity page being nuked from orbit... Ain't [WP:NOTE] fun? :)
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    I want search function back, please.

    OK, sometimes a little less honesty, please. *1/2 jk*
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    Ferals for the win!

    *searches in vain for the "multiple personalities" option* (Seriously, is one the limit these days? Must be a result of all those MMORPGs... ;))
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    Fantastic Science or Playing God?

    *g*. Sorry, but well done for managing to presume the "obvious" in everything you decided to misread from your own perspective and conveniently use that to fit other people into boxes of your own making because they do not speak precisely your own words. Check back and you'll read I'm giving...
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    Stuffed animals

    One snow leopard from 20-odd years back and a puma that prolly doesn't count as that's only partly stuffed (Nargle wouldn't like it ;)). Gave away (or have had "borrowed") the tigers...
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    Been reg'd on FA forever... never joined forums though...

    Greetings, Dracokon! Just watch out for the trolls and lynch mobs and you'll be fine. ;) Know what y'mean 'bout finishing things, but that's about par for the course alas. -v- Good luck with those ongoing projects. ^^ d.