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  1. Lupin V Wolfe

    Ref sheet, $60 budget (Closed)

    Looking for an artist to do a color ref sheet for me. As I said, $60 budget. I may also comish you in the future, but no budget as of yet. Here's the thing: I cannot use digital payment. No PayPal. No bitcoin. Etc. I've gotta go old-school, which means money orders, Western Union, etc. If you...
  2. Lupin V Wolfe

    Login trouble

    Hi, Lupin Wolfe here. Haven't logged into FA in over 7 years. Don't ask... Anyway, as I can no longer access the email account associated with my old login (that being lupin_wolfe), I cannot recover my password. Figured I'd appeal to the techs behind all the fun. New email addy is the one...