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  1. ThatProtoBoi

    Back Online!

    I may just have problems on my end, but I'm so excited that the forums are running along side the main art site! Hello world!
  2. ThatProtoBoi

    Eye help

    I'm trying to draw a protogen with an apathetic expression, but when i try and draw relaxed eyes, he looks very angry. What to do?
  3. ThatProtoBoi


    I'm trying to make a protogen head, and have the electronics and materials worked out, and am eyeing the Kaiborg studios parts, but Don't want to pay upwards of 60 dollars for each component, and I am looking for a frame to build the head on. Is it worth it or are there alternatives?
  4. ThatProtoBoi

    McDonalds ads

    This legit sounds like ASMR. Saw this, and needed to post it as a meme. (MIC CRACKS) Michicken mmmmmmmmmmm
  5. ThatProtoBoi

    Memes Megathread

    Post ur memes here boys no further discussion needed. No stealing art or reposting please. :)
  6. ThatProtoBoi

    Proto boi says Hi!

    Please leave constructive criticism in the replies!
  7. ThatProtoBoi

    A comic Idea

    I've been thinking about a sci-fi comic as a total geek, and would like feedback. Titled "New Terra", Its about the far future, when earth's geological activity has stopped. The atmosphere has depleted and the sun is expanding. With nowhere left to go on their inhospitible rock, millions of...
  8. ThatProtoBoi

    On Guidelines

    I legit just realized that It's way more organic and good-looking to use guidelines! Visible change in my art! If you freehand, just watch like 20 minutes of imaginatively unimaginative's guide to it. So Good.
  9. ThatProtoBoi

    New User!

    I recently got interested in the fandom, and It's kind of overwhelming. Where to start as a young fur?