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  1. K

    Separate watch and friend options

    I know it's considered rude to compare one site to another, but I like how Inkbunny lets you decide whether to follow an artist personally or follow their work- or both! Suppose I find someone who I feel I could be friends with, but for whatever reason, don't care for their artwork? Here on FA...
  2. K

    Finding Friar Don

    Hello there. I'm looking into the location of Friar Don (profile at forums.furaffinity.net: Friar Don). The last I heard, he was arrested and jailed somewhere in North Carolina. That was a few years ago, and now I have a chance to visit North Carolina, so would like to see whether I can visit...
  3. K

    Realistic weight gain

    I'm at work on a story that features weight gain and loss. Emphasis on "story"- hopefully this will end up being a complete tale. So I want the rates of gain and loss to be realistic. The plot is straightforward- two friends falling in love. Liberty, a male tiger, is fascinated by his female...