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  1. Traget

    Searching for casual rp in a premade setting. NSFW stuff

    Good [time of day], people! Short version: I'm a low energy person looking for someone willing to play multiple different characters in a setting to get some feedback on the fantasy world. Basically myself and a couple of others have made a world that is to be used in a game/story/comic and...
  2. Traget

    Looking for suggestions on world building

    Hello there! I hope this is the correct location to post this. A couple of people and I have been playing around with a fantasy furry-like world that doesn't currently have any humans in it. It's a bit convoluted in a way with magic and so forth, and I'm worried it might be confusing for a...
  3. Traget

    Hiring: (Artist hired, thank you all!) Looking for NSFW non-anthro/feral drawings of mythological creatures ($30-$150)

    Hello there! I'm looking for an artist interested in doing some drawings of various fantasy creatures in compromising positions. Creatures would include but not be limited to: gryphons, dragons, sphinx, kelpie, hydra, monsters. Looking primarily for the non-anthro versions of these creatures as...