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    Looking for old art

    Not to sure if this is the right section to post it in, but I am looking or the old old submission of the W40k Poof Patrol. Namely who did it. It basically was a space marine in pink armor, with a gay rainbow shoulder plate. It's related to some art I am currently working on, and I would like...
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    Getting a error

    I was wondering if anyone else is getting the same error statement I am. 403 forbidden My mate seems to be picking up the website just fine, but for some reason even when I clear all my browsers histories and everything, I keep getting the same error.
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    My first print for sale

    I took one of my images and make it look like a comic book cover, and put it up for sale at DA, the link to it is here. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/60048005/ And trust me if I could find a place with better pricing options that makes the prints for me, then I would.
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    Php help anyone?

    I really need a php or some kind of scripting for better display and updating of my webcomics. Once where I can just upload the image and it would do the rest on it's own would be ideal. However I know jack when it comes to java and php. Anyone want to help?
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    Lookie here!!

    Seems someone, wants to watch folks here and shut this place down at the same time. http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/54232/ I know there not bothering to read responses to there own journal, but I thought that it was worth putting my two cents in there anyway.
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    Um.. hello?

    Hey there, just your typical cgi rendering gryphon here.
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    3d furry comics?

    THought I might like to get this kind of thread started.... considering I just started doing one of these myself called Explorers if anyone else knows of any active comics that are simlar to this. I know of one called 3D, located here but it hasn't been active for a while. So I was wondering...
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    Yet another muck?

    I run a RP muck that is a fantasy/sci-fi mix that is still in growth. If you know folks that want to be on a muck like Taps but is alot more RP orented and will be offering things like space travel mixed with magic and such with the only restriction on character design being no gods or...
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    Winamp skins

    Just curious if we can upload winamp skins or not. As I tend to make them upon request and would like to make them available for download where as well as a way to showcase my work.