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    Please vote for us (FREE!) - Furry art studio for a small business grant

    We're not asking for money/sales/donations or anything like that so I thought it might be ok - but if it's a problem I apologize! :)
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    Please vote for us (FREE!) - Furry art studio for a small business grant

    If we get 250 votes (we just need 100 more!) in the next two days we will be in the running for a $250,000 to make our art farm project happen! If you like our idea, please vote for us!! f you'd like more information on our farm project we've got some up here: http://foxloft.com/farm In a...
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    Reptilian expressions?

    When you're anthropomorphosizing any sort of creature like a reptile, you have to take a lot of artistic liberty to really make them expressive. It depends on your style and how obvious you want the expression to be. By adding a sort of eyelid that acts like an eyebrow or a moveable eye ridge...
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    http://foxloft.com/exotics/ An afghan hound, a shiba inu, a siamese cat, a pair of pied crows, a pair of collared aracaris, a blue and gold macaw, an aquarium full of some micro-shrimp, a pair of crested geckos, a pair of argentine black and white tegus and many snakes. :)
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    Rare custom sketch page commissions!

    I have a few custom sketch page commissions up - both at Furbid and at Furbuy. I want to see how Furbuy stands up to Furbid in amount of views/bids. Since people have said they prefer one over the other. I don't offer custom sketches like this usually, so if you're interested - go take a look...
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    Besides Furry, what are your interests?

    I'm a herpetoculturalist (I keep/breed reptiles). I also love to write, create all sorts of art, and travel.
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    Bird lovers on FA?

    So many tiels! I just love them. That poofy canary is amazingly cute! Thank you so much for sharing. :)
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    A-Z, thousands of species

    I've drawn all manner of creatures, my favorites being some of the 'odd' ones. I have sketchbooks full of tapirs, pangolins, hoatzin, kookaburras, bettas, and on and on. However, I rarely (i.e. almost never) get commissioned for these pieces. Once in a blue moon I will get a commission from...
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    Bird lovers on FA?

    I think griffins count. :) They're at least part bird, anyways!
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    Bird lovers on FA?

    -Greg-the-fox : Hey, thank you! I love mammals too (pretty much all critters) but I'm a bird and herp nut at heart. :) -Arka: I love cockatiels - when I was young I raised them. Boy, they are noisy - they can be so shrill and carry on, I swear they were way noisier overall than my macaw has...
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    Bird lovers on FA?

    Hi there! I just thought I'd see if there are any other bird fanatics on F.A. I love to meet other bird-crazy folk. :) Have any photos of your avian kids? What do you keep? Please share - I'd love to see them! Here's a few of mine: Zen, African Pied Crow Tikka and Bajji, the...
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    therian or furry

    Silver fox/Wild boar (therian).
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    Harry Potter fans - Free raffle for character sketch!

    For details, please check out my page - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/foxfeather/ - the journal entry on the right hand side has all the info! :)
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    What is (or was) your school's mascot?

    High school, it was the Trojans. College was the Gophers. Wish I could have gotten one out of the two to be decent. ;)
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    Things that just put you in a good mood

    Spending time with my husband or my critters. Snakes! Getting the chance to work on art. A really good book.
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    Art Contest or no? Take a moment to give your opinion.

    I don't think there's anything with running art contests. No one HAS to compete if they don't want to. Generally I never compete in such things, since I just don't have time, but if the theme is for something I'd like to draw anyways, sometimes I'll go for it. If people don't like the contest...
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    College Furs - Majors

    I double-majored in American Indian Studies and Studio Arts. I do work with animals, but not via my studies. If I could go back and do it all over again, I would probably have gone to plumbing school or learned HVAC. ;) That or a degree in herpetology.
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    FA Project: UI Overhaul

    Very cool, tags will be a nice feature. I look forward to that!
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    FA Project: UI Overhaul

    (Updated species list!) would be really nice - An expanded commission page would be really nice, perhaps with thumbnails and a price range, something like that. And I definitely agree with some way to easily/visibly mark pieces that are commissions and not actual artwork, it can be frustrating...
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    Hello from the Midwest!

    Thank you for the welcome. :) And that's something from Eragon? I could look up the response, but I don't know it off the top of my head. ;)