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  1. zacharida

    Can anyone make art of my sona for free?

    looking back on this post in 2017 and i just wanna say, holy crap i was cringey back then. especially since nowadays i make my own art and everything and understand the struggle of people constantly asking for "free art". i just wanna say im sorry for this post and Libations dude, you really did...
  2. zacharida

    Parallel universes

    btw, yeah i get that all the fursona was kinda out there and quite possibly killed the thread but i mean, i am at least a bit hopeful for the impossible. if i wasnt, where would i be now. probably snorting crack out of a garbage can lid or something. and yeah, you were right, i am young, as i am...
  3. zacharida

    Parallel universes

    lol i knew that already xDDD i was just thinking way too much about it and thought i oughtta post it xD
  4. zacharida

    Parallel universes

    Lol ofc my sonas probably chilling in some alleyway right now xDDD
  5. zacharida

    Parallel universes

    Okay, i know somebody might have posted about this before but what if there is actually a parallel universe where we actually are our fursonas and in that dimension we imagine ourselves as being humans and instead of furry cons we go to human cons and wear human costumes. and also, a they say...
  6. zacharida

    Anybody else struggling through freshman year?

    Hey guys. just wondering if anybody else is, like me, struggling through freshman year in highschool because their teachers are....well to put it bluntly, assholes. anyways yeah ive been struggling through the year as i try and keep my grades passing and try and keep these conservative fucks off...
  7. zacharida

    So, What Song's Stuck Inside Your Head Today?

    lol i always have multiple songs stuck in my head at the same time and they kinda do a battle of the bands but here are the top 3 1: Sleeping with Sirens- If Im James Dean then your Audrey Hepburn 2:this one random song my mate wrote for me. 3:Jeffree Star: Lollipop Luxury
  8. zacharida

    What Are You Listening To?

    Sleeping with Sirens-If im James Dean then your Audrey Hepburn XD
  9. zacharida

    Heh I like the new avatar.. Its cool.

    Heh I like the new avatar.. Its cool.
  10. zacharida

    For the Love of ART! Freebies for sweeties!

    Libations, thank you for posting the freebie you did for me up in the main/opening text section! You are an AMAZING artist, much better than anything ive ever drawn, and i just want to thank you. i hope to, one day, be a talented artist like you! You rock! :D
  11. zacharida

    Can anyone make art of my sona for free?

  12. zacharida

    Can anyone make art of my sona for free?

    Hey ive been wondering if someone could make art of my sona FOR FREE. Im unable to pay and so i just would appreciate some art of my Fwolf Zacharida Strifecaster. if you want ill provide some details but it can be any kind of art whatsoever. ok now for details. Gender: male age: 13 sexuality...
  13. zacharida

    Hey Aj. wussup. im bored. btw if you hadnt noticed yet i added you. like you asked me to. so if...

    Hey Aj. wussup. im bored. btw if you hadnt noticed yet i added you. like you asked me to. so if you need any help on here just message me kay. have fun on FA, Corona
  14. zacharida

    Hi, I'm Silver. I'm new Here.

    hello silver *cyber hugs silver* i am somewhat new-ish too but everybody here is really friendly. hope you have a great time on FA
  15. zacharida

    What does your 'sona mean to you?

    My fursonas story is very long so if your not interested in my boring past just ignore this. ok when i was younger,think about 7 or 8 years old, anyways i became obsessed with werewolves. over time i basically always looked up werewolves on the internet and i made a name and a personality...
  16. zacharida

    Does Your Fursona Have a Last Name?

    My fursonas last name is Strifecaster. Zacharida Strifecaster.
  17. zacharida

    Post Your Current Playlist

    One-eyed-doll: nudie bar One-eyed doll:crush From First to Last: ride the wings of pestilence Zach sobiech: clouds Jeffree Star: love to my cobain Jefree Star: lollipop luxury Death note soundtrack: Misas Song Maximum the hormone:whats up people Kiroshitsuji: monochrome no kiss Death note sound...
  18. zacharida

    Applying Human Anatomy to a Furry Character

    omg thank you! it always bummed me out how terrible i am at proportions.
  19. zacharida

    Would you have sex with an anthro?

    if he was a damn fine anthro fox then hell yeah! <3
  20. zacharida

    Age Thread 2014

    ill be 14 by christmas 2014. my birthdays may the 6th :3