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  1. phantomboo

    LF: Long Term RP Partner on Twitter or Discord [MxM]

    Hi! I'm looking for a long term roleplay partner that is open to headcanon, roleplay & chat via Twitter (preferred) or Discord. You must be 18+ (preferably around 20-25), be okay with MxM pairings, and be comfortable with trans male characters. Most of my fursonas are bugs so I'm willing to...
  2. phantomboo

    Hiring: ($5+) Messy Chibi Custom Art Commission

    I have a limited budget so I'm mostly looking for a full body cell shaded (or flat/unshaded) bugsona chibi. I have a moodboard & some basic written information (i.e. colour palette, features, gender, body type, outfit & species), but that's about it. I can pay up to $20 -- I just really need a...
  3. phantomboo

    Best Furry Fandom Sites

    Do you have any server recommendations for newbies? Or is it just a matter of finding one advertised that piques your interest? ^•^
  4. phantomboo

    Best Furry Fandom Sites

    That's my problem too! Large groups intimidate me &, because I'm the type of person to wait for others to finish replying before sending mine, I find it hard to keep up with super active (like 20+ replies per minute, as that usually happens during peak times with large groups) channels.
  5. phantomboo

    Best Furry Fandom Sites

    I've heard a lot about Discord too but I'm always too nervous to join group chats. >•< Maybe Twitter is my best bet at the moment.
  6. phantomboo

    Best Furry Fandom Sites

    So, I wanna get more involved with the fandom, & a lot of sites seem slow. What social medias do you find you're able to find more people to talk to on? I'm not an artist by any means so I feel Instagram is out of the question for me. Any suggestions? Is making a fursona-centric Twitter worth it?
  7. phantomboo

    Dream Outfits

    That's great! Are there any outfits you'd love to wear that you haven't been able to for any other reason (money, lack of availability, etc.)? Oh... is it? I can find another angle of the outfit if it breaks forum rules!
  8. phantomboo

    Dream Outfits

    What outfit do you like to imagine or would like to see your sona in that you would be too insecure to wear in real life? For me, it's the outfit below. I haven't commissioned anyone to draw my sona in it just yet but it's definitely on my list for the near future.
  9. phantomboo

    Looking For: Connections

    Awesome! What sort of connections is Avery looking for? Feel free to PM me if you wanna throw around ideas together.
  10. phantomboo

    How or why did you join the forum?

    I'm new to the furry fandom & wanted to make some friends!
  11. phantomboo

    Looking For: Connections

    I'm looking for 18+ players & characters to make connections & headcanons with for my bugsona, Powder. Open to most types of connections, including friends, enemies, extended family & found family.
  12. phantomboo

    New to Furry, Need Friends &/or Tips

    Thank you for those links! ☺️ Hi!! & thank you. ❤️
  13. phantomboo

    Oh my goodness, thank you so much!! This makes me so happy.

    Oh my goodness, thank you so much!! This makes me so happy.
  14. phantomboo

    Request: Please Draw My Pretty Bug Boy (pleading face)

    That's his reference sheet; if you need ideas, like outfits or something, let me know. I appreciate any & all art. He has top surgery scars, which is what you can see below his pecs. He has a beauty mark on the side of his face, which is what that little spot is. He has a tongue & navel...
  15. phantomboo

    (Other) Selling: Sensitivity Reader Services

    I'm selling my sensitivity reading services for a wide range of prices, depending on what you want read over & how much critique you're looking for. Character Package (includes feedback on description, headcanons & backstory): $5 (Basic) – $7 (Detailed) Story Package (includes feedback on blurb...
  16. phantomboo

    New to Furry, Need Friends &/or Tips

    Hi! I'm new to not only FurAffinity but to having a fursona (well, bugsona) overall. I'm an adult so I'd prefer to make friends with people in my age range (19-26) & I'd prefer it if they were more liberal leaning. If you're not looking for a friend or don't fit the above criteria, what advice...