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  1. Arix

    Favorite Pokemon

    My ultimate favourite is Charizard. Cliche? Yes. Do I care? Not a bit.
  2. Arix

    I want to hear your dreams

    I remember one dream very vividly from when I was a tiny little child. Back then, I had an intense fear of the idea of mind control. Like, to the extent where there was an episode of god damn Care Bears that really freaked me out because the villain did some sort of hypnosis thing - can't...
  3. Arix

    What Alignment Does Your Fursona Follow?

    The thing to keep in mind is that "lawful" doesn't literally mean "follows the law", but rather that you follow a specific code. That code may be the law, but it may also be a more personal code of ethics, or the orders of someone else, or something like that. Arix isn't lawful because he really...
  4. Arix

    Predators and prey

    This is a damn fine point. We preds at least have the courtesy to attack things that actually have a chance of fighting back. You're the real monsters here.
  5. Arix

    Best turn of events in video games

    Or any Professor Layton games, where the plot twists are so outrageously nonsense that you kind of can't help but be drawn in. Case in point, Professor Layton and the Lost Future, where it turns out
  6. Arix

    Predators and prey

    Hey now, bards are awesome! Where would heroes like me be without them?
  7. Arix

    What Alignment Does Your Fursona Follow?

    The alignment system is way too heavy-handed for my liking, but if I had to put myself in one of them, lawful good.
  8. Arix

    Predators and prey

    Time zones 'n' shit. -1
  9. Arix

    Predators and prey

    Why am I heeeere
  10. Arix

    Rename The Furry Above You!

    Dmitri, the Fox of Slight Disapproval
  11. Arix

    Fursona Creation?

    This, I think, is the main thing that should be kept in mind. Don't compare your character to others, and don't measure your value by theirs.
  12. Arix

    Furry Friday

    Spending a bit of time with a good friend!
  13. Arix

    Last post wins - Winner gets a free post!

    I'll have it!
  14. Arix

    Fursona Creation?

    There is absolutely no one simple or "correct" method. It's literally just like creating any other character. Whatever gets you to a character you enjoy is what you do.
  15. Arix

    Furry Cons & Coronavirus

    I just got back from a con on Monday where no troubles have been had. That said, it was a relatively small one at about 150 people.
  16. Arix

    Predators and prey

  17. Arix

    Predators and prey

    Peanut butter is...acceptable. Is that okay?
  18. Arix

    AMA: Fursona edition!

    Ooh, there's this clearing in my forest, a little bit away from my cave, where there's this little trickle of water running through, and the sun just barely breaks through the canopy in these beautiful rays, and the ground is just covered in the softest flowers you've ever rolled around in...
  19. Arix

    Does your fursona have any disabilities or health issues?

    Thankee, it's basically what's defined his entire character.
  20. Arix

    Predators and prey

    Can vouch for this. Tearing each other's throats out is basically just a draconic handshake.