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  1. Foxridley

    Tails in furry society

    With the number of non-mammalian sonas and other OCS, something even more ubiquitous among the furry fandom than fur is the tail. But what would the impact on society be if almost everyone had a tail? Furniture and clothes would, of course, have to accommodate tails, but what would that entail...
  2. Foxridley

    How anthro are we?

    I've noticed that some fursona questions in this forum seem to come with the implicit assumption that the fursona is anthro. While the furry fandom is mostly about anthropomorphic animals, there are quite a few feral fursonas out there, and it would be nice to see how this is distributed. I know...
  3. Foxridley

    Fursonas as characters vs personal avatars

    In the discussions I've seen on this forum, and with furry art in general, fursonas don't all serve the same roles for their creators, and it seems to fall on a spectrum. At one end of the spectrum, some fursonas seem to be their own characters with a full bio including a backstory, personality...
  4. Foxridley

    Famous Last Words

    A spin-off from that 1,000 ways to die thread. Some have died in dumb, funny, or strange ways. In some of those deaths, there were some funny words to foreshadow them. Be vague, or be specific. Just have fun, I guess. Examples: "Red touches yellow... how did it go again?" "Sushi actually has...
  5. Foxridley

    What other kinds of 'sona are there?

    So, most of us here have a fursonas, plenty of MLP fans have ponysonas, and some Steven Universe fans have gemsonas. Recently I've heard of Spidersonas from the Spiderverse movie. Are there other forms of [something]sona that you've seen or heard of?
  6. Foxridley


    I mostly have my fursona established, but am not certain on a bit of tweaking I have tried. I am a feral red fox/kitsune hybrid with mostly standard red fox markings. i.e. orange fur, white belly and tail tip, black tipped ears and black "socks." But I don't want to look too generic and want to...