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  1. Dewclaw Silvertail

    thanks for the follow :)

    thanks for the follow :)
  2. Dewclaw Silvertail

    What are you listerning to?

    Listening to some of the RiSk Gaming Clan Music that has been added to a playlist (currently listening to Tears Don't Fall by Bullet for my Valentine)
  3. Dewclaw Silvertail

    Xbox 360 and Xbox One Gamers!

    My GT is Dewclaw Wolf, I am a Xbox one player but play some backward compatible games
  4. Dewclaw Silvertail

    What instruments do you play? (OFFICIAL)

    I play an acoustic guitar, but I'm still quite the noob with it lol, idk what model it Is but I'm learning :)
  5. Dewclaw Silvertail

    Whats the most relaxing song in your mind?

    This is a nice calm song. the artist also fits with the community :) Idk if he is a furry or not tho but this " Anthro Beats" makes some quite nice Relaxing music
  6. Dewclaw Silvertail

    Who here plays on PS4?

    I play Call of Duty Bo3, MWR and AW, Minecraft, Killing Floor and Titanfall 2 if that is the type of thing your looking for, my PSN ID is DGC_Desolator or just search fur : Dewclaw K-R Silvertail
  7. Dewclaw Silvertail

    Best video game music?

    Tbh I think Killing Floor 2 music is quite good if you are a heavy metal fur like me, that link takes you to a youtube video in which has all of the music from the game
  8. Dewclaw Silvertail

    Hello Fellow furries :)

    Hehe, thank you furry friend :) I Look forward to being apart of this community :)
  9. Dewclaw Silvertail

    Hello Fellow furries :)

    Hello there fellow furs, I am new to this fur affinity forum business so I apologize if I'm doing something wrong here, I have been amongst the furry community for 3 years now and I thought id finally sign up to Fur affinity forums. I'm a friendly fur who is always up for abit of a laugh. If any...
  10. Dewclaw Silvertail

    Please do not credit me for the Fursona art, this is not my art and I am not using it as...

    Please do not credit me for the Fursona art, this is not my art and I am not using it as anything other than art. plz give credit to owner
  11. Dewclaw Silvertail

    younger furs?

    Hello there, I am within your age group, I myself am 15 and obviously am a fur (if not I wouldn't be on here lol) idk if that is within your age you had in mind