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  1. FooFoo4230

    AI generated fursonas.

    Because of this idea from @metatherat I’m having a poll! Because I’m too lazy to actually make a poll for each of these options, I will ask you to choose your favorite/favorites in these categories: No Way (ones that I didn’t want to use), and In The Running (ones that are an option). (The Yes...
  2. FooFoo4230

    Answers for newbies

    Everyone on here was once a newbie. For some, that was a lot further back than for others. What are some questions that you either had as a newbie, or think a newbie might have? If you think of one, make sure to think up an answer! (If you are a newbie, know that some of these might be a little...
  3. FooFoo4230


    Sorry for the small wall of text, but this is something I feel strongly about. I’m a Freshman in high school, and I became interested in the Furry community when I saw people on YouTube mocking/insulting furries. (Yes, I know that’s a bad reason, but at least I didn’t join in!) I figured “They...