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  1. DRGN Juno

    Reptile/Amphibian Appreciation Thread

    Because lizards need love too.
  2. DRGN Juno

    Critique: Guidance Wanted

    So given that this place has been the only thing successfully motivating me to draw again in the last few years, I figure I should ask here for advice. I have a couple of pieces I'm working on, paper sketches and digital attempts to recreate are both included. I'm happy with where the first...
  3. DRGN Juno

    Hello, world

    Long time lurker slowly wading into the fandom here. Still figuring stuff out, including how/how much I want to participate. I've got some of Juno's basics nailed down, and the rest will be figured out perhaps eventually maybe. But until I sort it all out, I figured I should at least say hi...