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  1. Azleigh

    Hiring: ($75+) I need my mimi redesigned as a full furry. LF ref sheet, or at least a full body drawing.

    Basically, the title says it all. I have a bunnygirl I need drawn as just a bunny furry. There are no major changes to the character, outside of her face and her 'skin' color changing obviously. I have a fair bit of art drawn for this character already, so you'll have lots of refs of her body...
  2. Azleigh

    Hiring: ($100+) NSFW Bunnygirl Ref Sheet $100+

    Basically, I need an updated ref sheet for my character. I'm starting my budget at about $100, but it's flexible (I only have Paypal). I have a fair bit of art for her already, but there are a few things I need altered that will require an artist who is comfortable sending sketches/possibly...