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  1. Lupin V Wolfe

    Free sketches for practice

    If you're still doing these, would you be willing to sketch a romantic kiss?
  2. Lupin V Wolfe

    Needing practice!

    Ok, could ya use practice on romance? Myself and my mate: www.furaffinity.net: Blackfang commission completed by Efenrai I look the same, but here's Spike's current ref: www.furaffinity.net: Spike Blackfang Reference Sheet by spikeblackfang Looking for a kiss. Maybe as part of a hug. Otherwise...
  3. Lupin V Wolfe

    Ref sheet, $60 budget (Closed)

    Thanks noth of you for answering. I've made my choice. Who that is shall find out shortly.
  4. Lupin V Wolfe

    What is your gender?

    Indeed, though knots are special, too. But this wuff is biased :p
  5. Lupin V Wolfe

    Ref sheet, $60 budget (Closed)

    Looking for an artist to do a color ref sheet for me. As I said, $60 budget. I may also comish you in the future, but no budget as of yet. Here's the thing: I cannot use digital payment. No PayPal. No bitcoin. Etc. I've gotta go old-school, which means money orders, Western Union, etc. If you...
  6. Lupin V Wolfe

    What is your gender?

    Used to identify as male. It's what I physically am. I identity now as non-binary. Or to be more specific, as m-herm. I think it's because my main fursona is m-herm. I'm one of those furries who's IC 24/7, even in public. It began to feel more correct than just male. I may not have all the right...
  7. Lupin V Wolfe

    FAF 2016 Guidebook: Mentioning!

    The (at) is a good shortcut, but if there is BBCode for it, then any text oughta work: Lupin Vulcanus Wolfe And hopefully I'm not sticking my foot in my mouth as i click post...
  8. Lupin V Wolfe

    FAF 2016 Guidebook: Quick Reply!

    Just worked for me. Android 5 smartphone
  9. Lupin V Wolfe

    5/17 Site Attack

    Even worse: this account is about a smaller, totally unrelated problem, which is not yet completely fixed, and now becomes the very definition of backburner... As to the issue at hand, anyone know any real hackers, good ones? I.e. the kinda person who knows how to find these holes and how best...
  10. Lupin V Wolfe

    Login trouble

    Pardon me, not an underscore: lupin-wolfe
  11. Lupin V Wolfe

    Login trouble

    Hi, Lupin Wolfe here. Haven't logged into FA in over 7 years. Don't ask... Anyway, as I can no longer access the email account associated with my old login (that being lupin_wolfe), I cannot recover my password. Figured I'd appeal to the techs behind all the fun. New email addy is the one...