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  1. Cyberhorn

    October Contest Winners

    congratulations to the winers! bravo!!
  2. Cyberhorn

    FA Project: UI Overhaul

    i rather liked the april 1st colors thus a choice of color themes would be a great addition as well as a better list of species my 2 bits worth of statement
  3. Cyberhorn

    The Metal Thread

    RE: :lol: jesus has a metal piercing peinis! holy hull punctures man!! :D
  4. Cyberhorn

    Relationship Status

    my mate looks at the rare piece (brenda diantonis, heather burtons) work but tries to keep from loking so she doesnt get influenced by others art me on the other hand im a furverted dragon and damn proud of it LOL and she accepts that an my numerous other faults
  5. Cyberhorn

    Relationship Status

    open talk about anything is important being honest is as important give her time she will begin to accept it
  6. Cyberhorn

    Relationship Status

    interesting so how did your mate take the announcement? i met mine due to being furry
  7. Cyberhorn

    FA Code Update: Project Ferrox

    you abuse power ?? no way! wait! who the hell are you and how did you get into dragoneers account!! :mrgreen:
  8. Cyberhorn

    FA Code Update: Project Ferrox

    very cool upgrades dragoneer, i like the editable parts of coments bit im such a terrible typist i make flubs all the time with the 404 page thing will people be able to make their own 404 for the system to pop up ?
  9. Cyberhorn

    Relationship Status

    well this is what i found on wilk http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common-law_marriage
  10. Cyberhorn

    Relationship Status

    down in texas common law marage was if a couple was living together for longer than 6 months and calling eachother huband wife ect in public to others other states i have no idea
  11. Cyberhorn

    Over-sized image, stretching out the page

    RE: found it! wheee yep i can talk wayyyy to much for my own good but i find being able to remark on peoples art much more satisfying than just looking (VCL) faveing a piece seems to be the best complement giving a crituqe sometimes is hard but needed anyhow glad i can be of service...
  12. Cyberhorn

    Forum Post Counts Fixed

    soooo would that make her like anti-kitty matter ?
  13. Cyberhorn

    Relationship Status

    quite happy in an even with the furry world an odd relationship compaired to most this dragon is in a MFM (not mephit ya ninny) poly relationship 2 children one just turning 5 today the other just born 12 days ago my little dragoness :D my greatest treasure...