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  1. fallout19980

    Story Commissions: 5$ per 1,000 words

    I'm ready to advertise again! Also, I've given my TOS a small update. Prices. The pricing of the commissions will be based on word boundaries, usually 5$ for every 1,000 words. Examples include: 5$ Basic story commission: 0-1k words. 10$ Standard story commission: 1k-2k words. 15$ Extended...
  2. fallout19980

    Trading Writing for Art

    I stopped story writing for a while to focus on animation. It eventually became monotonous, so to spice things up, I've decided to focus on the creative prose again. I'm ready to trade in writing for art. If you want a small story or something to go along with your art postings, hit me up here...
  3. fallout19980

    Animation Raffle (CLOSED)

    I’ve started a raffle on FA based on my recent animation. If anyone is interested: www.furaffinity.net: Animation Raffle -- fallout19980's Journal If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
  4. fallout19980

    Trading Writing for Art

    Well, the title says it all. I've got plenty of spare time, so I'm willing to trade in some of my writing skill (what little I have anyway) in exchange for some artwork. I can do short stories, writing for scenes, character bios etc. I know that the style of my writing is itty-gritty, but I do...
  5. fallout19980

    The Gordon Ramsay Thread! ( And recipe sharing)

    While taking a break from work, the idea of setting up a Gordon Ramsay thread popped in mind. Watching his shows ( the UK versions, the US versions are total TOSH) is somewhat of a tradition in my family. I can go on and on about how much I loathe the US crap... Anyway, feel free to discuss...
  6. fallout19980

    Uhh... What?

    Dunno if this is clickbait or just poorly worded. (3rd edit. fuck what the hell is wrong with me today.) www.news.com.au: There’s just one tiny little flaw