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  1. Spottycat

    Submission Viewing Grouping & Submission Type: Stream

    When I check my recent submissions for new stuff to look at, I would like music, visual art and writing to be separated from one another to make it more clear what I'm opening. There's no point in opening a 10 page story if I don't have the time to read it or pictures if I'm just looking for...
  2. Spottycat

    +Watch : Additional Location Possibility?

    Hey, can we get a +WATCH on submission view pages to the right of all the other options? I don't imagine this would be a difficult thing to add or I wouldn't mention it, but I keep noticing that there are all these people who's art I've fav'd and they're not on my watch list because I keep...
  3. Spottycat

    Question/Suggestion: Scheduled Tasks List?

    Is there currently a list of any sort that users can view which shows current upgrades/revisions that are being worked on for FA? If there isn't, does this seem like something reasonable? An idle thought came to mind before I was going to leave feedback tonight and it was "What if they're...
  4. Spottycat

    Suggestion: Color Themes

    Same layout/template but allows users to set a field that loads them up a minorly different color scheme. The cold blue/greys really aren't all that inviting... I shouldn't need to say more, I'm sure the devs are more than capable. :D This certainly isn't any other gallery site, but the...