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    WTH is Absalom Archives?

    Been awhile, but I've been very busy, as this post will show. If you're familiar with Paizo Publishing, LLC then you are aware of the Pathfinder RPG and the shared world of Golarion. If you're not, don't worry, the magazine is accepting more than just fan-fiction. Because of limitations on using...
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    PvP for a new game

    This was inspired by the thread: http://forums.furaffinity.net/showthread.php?t=53555 Let's say there's a new MMO coming out and it has a chance to redo the PvP mindset. First off, some servers would be PvP in all areas except main cities and starting areas. Other servers would be PvP only in...
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    Partnership: Looking for a webcomic artist.

    Looking for a web comic artist to work with. I can do some coloring, but I'm mostly a writer. I can also work the website. The main qualification is simply you have to like my story: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2894058 The only other qualification is that I have to like your art. =P That's...
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    Advice on how to hire artist

    Overall, its a really weird situation. I stumbled over (almost literally) the chance to use an MMO engine and design my own game. I can't release much information on the server side because of the agreement I'm in, but it *is* currently in use on a full production, non F2P MMO. The client is...
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    Is there a suitable title other than "Hi" to go here?

    um, Hi. =) I'm Volpino. I decided to show off my extreme web saaviness by misspelling my username to start with. Volpino is Italian for "fox-like." Vupino doesn't translate directly into anything, but might be slang for cabbage roadkill. (cabbage = covolo; supino = supine, or on your back.)...