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  1. Polywally

    Art Trade: Looking for art trades!

    Heyo! Not to much to say other then I’m looking for some art trades! Willing to do nsfw or sfw ! I’m not to picky about who I trade with, tho I always do at least flats color works so I’d like to trade with people who want the same things! Here are some of my oc’s : Artwork Gallery for...
  2. Polywally

    Free Art: Art raffle

    Heyo! First time posting so I’m sorry if I mess things up a bit, but never the less here it is! im holding the raffle on my FA page here : www.furaffinity.net: Free art raffle! by Xlittle-miss-mollyX this one is for females/sonas with boobs but I’ll be happy to make other edits the raffle...