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  1. Xenke

    Wakfu Release

    Ok first of, most people probably saw the title and thought "The fuck is a Wakfu?". The answer is -I don't know-, blame the French. Wakfu is a french-made MMORPG, first of all. If you've ever heard of Dofus, another game with a ridiculous name, this is made by the same people, a sort of...
  2. Xenke

    Another Eco Co. out of Greens!? *shock*

    Well no, not shocked at all, but whatever. So apparently, there was this company called "Ener1", and they did many nice things to help keep the planet from bawwleting itself, such as manufacture batteries for electric cars and hydrogen fuel cells. All is swell and dandy, and maybe some day we...
  3. Xenke

    Is your soul thirsty? Jesus offers you the "water of life!"

    Imagine you are on a sinking ship in the middle of the ocean, and you only have time to take one thing with you—would you take food or water? I hope you chose water, because the average person can survive for several weeks without food, but only a few days without fresh water. Water is...
  4. Xenke

    Halloween Candy

    And now for some non-political, non-hypothetical drivel! Since Halloween goods are now being advertised to consumer America, I can finally ask this question: What type of candy do you think of when you think of Halloween? I would make a poll, but I'm pretty sure that the possibilities are...
  5. Xenke


    So, yes, again I'm talking about my annoying not-being-able-to-swallow-anything problem again. So of you may remember, others may have forced yourselves to forget. Regardless, I'm talking about it again. So after waiting two weeks, continuing to suffer, it was finally time for my endoscopy...
  6. Xenke

    Behavioral Genetics

    In other words: "The idea that personality is determined genetically". The idea that you are the way you are, at least to some extent, because you're physically wired to be that way. Admittedly, I haven't done extensive research on the subject, but it seems that the scientific community still...
  7. Xenke

    The Settlers of Catan

    I can talk about a dorky board game, right? K, good. I played this for the first time tonight, and dear god I like it. I like WITH MUCH GUSTO! When my dear friends opened it and started unpacking it, I thought to myself "this seems kind of simple..." and while the concept and rules are...
  8. Xenke

    Recent Staff Actions

    Recently, some users were banned off of these forums for reasons which are not within how this community is moderated. Frankly, this disappoints me. Users should not have to worry about stating opinions which differ from the staff regarding the site. It shouldn't matter how often the voice...
  9. Xenke

    Explain Furry Families.

    Can some one please explain the point to furries assembling themselves into "families", usually consisting of all men or some bullshit like that? Is it because they're like anime nerds and are obsessed with random, pointless, and retarded hierarchies? Is it because they get off to having a...
  10. Xenke

    Hello Ads

    Welp, apparently we have generic ads on the top of the forums. When did this happen? What happened to furry ads? Why are we being subjected to this?
  11. Xenke

    So they're making Soul Caliber 5

    Don't fuck it up Daishi Odashima. >:[ Don't fuck up the character creation. Don't fuck up the returning characters. Don't fuck up the combat system. Don't fuck up the button scheme. Do make the story better. Do make an awesome secondary-type story mode. Do make lots of shiny weapon...
  12. Xenke

    Advice: Rooms

    The piece on putting together will be set inside of a room. My first draft of it has the 'camera' (view point?) pointing perpendicular to the back wall. My concern is that by doing that, the two walls to the either side of the camera will be essentially be parallel to the viewer's vision. I'm...
  13. Xenke

    Cooking Thread

    I know some of you FAFers like to cook. I. Know. So lets talk about what we are cooking, and what we would like to cook. Tonight, I made a WRAP. It was delicious. I got me a nice big tortilla, put in a little pepper jack cheese, then I chopped up some chicken I cooked and threw that in...
  14. Xenke

    Announcement Consolidation

    So, since I've been on my laptop recently, and not on my desktop with my mondo monitor, I've noticed that there are quite a few announcements atop every sub-forum. Why? Together they end up taking a good size chunk of space. Let's use The Den as an example. There are six announcements...
  15. Xenke

    UPS wrecked my computer, now it's weird

    I had to ship my computer back from college, because there was literally now other way to get it home. Despite having horrible experiences with them in the past, I decided to be a dumbass and ship UPS. Things that happened: Case was/is out of shape. GPU broke the little clip that kept in the...
  16. Xenke

    Help with Anatomy

    I drew three things. Things you would do at the beach, being done by my 'sona. As stated in my last thread, my anatomy is crap. So I tried a decent amount to get the anatomy... at least a little better this time. Feel free to redline, critique, etc. Holding a beach ball: This is a boring...
  17. Xenke

    Post Trouble Ticket Policy

    Well guys, it's been what, almost two months or something? Has anyone filed a TT recently? I filed one 12 days ago, which I thought was a pretty simple matter, but maybe it's because it's filed under "Wrong Section", or maybe because it falls into a bit of a gray area, or maybe because it...
  18. Xenke

    Critique me all over bby

    This time, instead of what I normally do, throwing a pic at you and then tell you to tell me how to do it better, I'm going to go through my process and you can yell at me about how I'm doing it wrong. LET'S BEGIN! First, I'm going to flash the final product: Note: The following is...
  19. Xenke


    I pulled an all-nighter, and during that time I decided to check out a neat little game called "SpaceChem". It's on Steam, and holy crap it has a demo, so I gave it a try. ...That was four hours ago. Long story short, if you like puzzle games that haven't been done to shit and back, this is...
  20. Xenke

    Why do you play video games?

    Simple question, why do you play video games? Do you play them to have fun? Do you play them simply to win? Or does it depend on the game? Like how you might play Bayonetta for fun, but you play Marvel vs Capcom just to win.