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  1. bunnies_are_emo

    $5 line art commissions.

    I've decided that i am going to do $5 dollar line art commissions for a limited time. I need some extra money to buy some food for my apartment @w@ Only 10 slots will be open at one time, if you are interested then comment here or send me a note. The order of the list will go to who...
  2. bunnies_are_emo

    Charging $10 commisions, reall cheap :]

    I'm currently charging 10 dollars for character sketches done in pen or pencil, to be mailed out to you if you like. There will be no background, and only one or two characters please. It doesn't matter to me if the picture is yiffy or not. Just note me on FA or contact me through IM or by email...
  3. bunnies_are_emo

    Need help with uploading an avatar!

    I know this sounds stupid, but how does one upload an avatar on the forums? I just can't figure it out! any help would be greatly appreciated X__X
  4. bunnies_are_emo

    "Frozen" for sale!!!!

    The Original is for sale of my picture called "Frozen" Im selling it for $30 dollars, free Shipping in the U.S., and payment is through Paypal...if you cant us Paypal and your REALLY want this then i will make a different arrangement ^^ here is the link...
  5. bunnies_are_emo

    Taking Commisions!

    I'm now taking commissions if anyone is interested. For colored commissions, whether they are traditional or digital will only be $30. Also check out my page if your just interested in sketches. I will draw anything except cub or scat/watersports. :3 examples of my art...
  6. bunnies_are_emo

    Cheap Commisons!

    I'm:!: doing cheap commissions! $5 dollars for real media pictures (that includes coloring!) and $10 for Digital pictures! i enjoy drawing all type of art, doesn't matter if its clean, porn, anime, etc... if you want more info respond at note me...