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  1. protocollie

    So, I'm just gonna say it.

    Look, I get that things like read notifications on notes, watchbacks, nuking comments, etc. won't work - but why on earth can't I read my notes, watches, comments, and recent submissions while FA's in read only mode? It bugs me that this doesn't work, but you've spent the time to add a...
  2. protocollie

    Hey! Musicians! That's you! Coming to AC?

    Thought you guys should know that we're TOTALLY putting together an open mic event, so bring your guitar/keyboard/mandolin/accordion/bassoon and get your butt on over to the Sandstone Club on Friday to show people what you can do! Copied from my original AC boards/LJ posts: Look for more...
  3. protocollie

    For all y'all newbie DJs/Producers out thurr [come learn stuff!]

    If you're coming to Anthrocon, why not learn a bit more about your hobby, right? There's two panels at AC that are DJ and dance music oriented, DJing 101 and Beginning Music Production. There's some great people lining up to help you learn, so come on down! DJing 101 This is gonna be a...
  4. protocollie

    Audio Engineering: EQ and how to do it (or "shoveling out the mud")

    As I said I might do, I decided to write some tutorials for those who want them. With no further ado... Equalization, Spectrum Analysis, and the Mixdown INTRO If you're reading this, chances are you're interested in making your music sound more professional. I mean, that's one...
  5. protocollie

    Sound engineering tutorial?

    Hey everyone, I'm by no means a pro at all but I think I've done enough reading and experimenting to learn how to get more decent or pro sounding sound on a low budget with what you have on-hand. No offense to everyone, but I've noticed a lot of frequent posters in the electronic vein here...
  6. protocollie

    Ask Protocollie anything about dance music

    With apologies to Load_Blown who has made this seem quite fun for giving him such a hard time. I fancy myself knowledgeable about dance music. If you have questions you may ask them and we can see how I will answer them!
  7. protocollie

    Oh hey

    Just thought I'd drop by here. You might remember me from a con, you might not. Just saying hello.