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  1. NA3LKER

    what does your fursona mean to you?

    what does your fursona mean to you? as in is your fursona what you picture yourself as, or what? my fursona to me is like, sorta my idol. he represents what i want to be, what i aspire to be. hes perfection to me. i picture myself as him when i feel down, as it cheers me up, and i take his name...
  2. NA3LKER

    insect furries?

    do you get furries who's fursona is an insect or insectile? im askin cos in drama we're doin metamorphosis, a play in which the main character turns into a giant insect. i have to play the giant insect, and that got me thinking
  3. NA3LKER

    wierd tech problems?

    whats the wierdest problem you've had with a piece of tech? i had the idea for this cos i was trying to put some new music on my itunes, and when i opened itunes, it started downloading random songs id never heard of by bands id never heard of. it was crazy, i havent a clue why it happened.
  4. NA3LKER

    what is my laptop?

    kind of a silly question (in fact very silly). how do i know what make and model my laptop is? it doesnt say on the actual laptop, and ive checked all the CDs and booklets that came with it that i still have, and i cant seem to find the make in there. i got my laptop on my 16th, my dad just gave...
  5. NA3LKER


    after devouring a pack of oreos, i decided to ask, what are people's favourite foods? mine would be most things with chocolate, and most fruits
  6. NA3LKER


    my fursona, my dragon. name: NA3LKER sex: male birthday: october 6th 1993 species: anthropomorphic dragon appearance: blue scales. deep brown eyes. large simple wings, like dragonite, but larger. slight build. a long sweeping tail ending in a scalene triangle tip. lighter blue scales on...
  7. NA3LKER

    a dragon has arrived!

    hi everyone! ive been a furry for a few months, and i dont know any furries in my school, so i thought i'd join a forum so i could talk to like minded people, and make some friends. im a dragon, i have blue scales and deep brown eyes. i haven't drawn myself yet, cos i cant really draw, but i...