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  1. Suirad

    Innapropiate Disney Tarzan toy

    Omg, I laughed so freaking hard at that.
  2. Suirad

    Where do you hide ur pr0nzzz?!?

    In a zipped folder with a password. :D
  3. Suirad

    What would you like your Lover to be ?

    I think I would want the love of my life to be a beautiful femal fox girl. I would love that so much...
  4. Suirad


    18. :)
  5. Suirad

    A bit of an odd question...

    My friend got paw tattoos on his palms. :D
  6. Suirad

    Starting WoW again <.<;

    I play WoW frequently on the Azjol-Nerub realm, and I have 3 or 4 furry friends on there. :D
  7. Suirad

    So my parents found out I was furry.

    I think my parents know....but I'm not sure. I kind of hint it a lot. Wearing my tail, browsing the forums in broad daylight....even my xbox live info says I'm a furry...But if they did/do know then I'm not really sure what they would do.
  8. Suirad


    Welcome to FA, hope you have a great time m8.
  9. Suirad

    Woop woop.

    Welcome to FA, hope you have a great time.
  10. Suirad

    Shenzi's *better* sister

    Hai Tara, nice to meet you. ^.^
  11. Suirad

    Random Question of the Day...

    I'm straight, but if I turned gay then my parents wouldn't care because they love me.
  12. Suirad

    Aha, another newb.

    Welcome to FA, hope you have a great time.
  13. Suirad

    Ignorance, Hate, Stupidity and Furry

    Usually I'm not either...
  14. Suirad

    Open For Requests

    I'll take one if it's not too much. Avatar for reference, black n' white husky, from the shoulders up view is fine. Thanks. :P
  15. Suirad

    hi, aloha, hajimemashite and all that jazz

    More Huskies yay! Welcome to the forums Rex, glad to have ya here.
  16. Suirad

    Um Hello :3

    Hello Hedgie, nice to meet you and I hope you have a great time at FA.
  17. Suirad


    Um, Hi I suppose.
  18. Suirad

    What you got for the holidays

    Hopefully tomorrow I'll be buying WoW with my Christmas money.
  19. Suirad

    How the world sees furries.

    Lol, so true.
  20. Suirad

    Do you classify yourself as a "FURRY?!?!"

    Re: Do you classify yourself as a "FURRY?!?!" Ditto