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  1. SpeckledMutt

    ***Design Commissions***

    Something quick I can turn out tonight. Example: https://d.facdn.net/art/speckledmutt/1330407262.speckledmutt_chardonay.png NSFW Only taking 3 of them, because I only have about 3 hours to work on them. They will be $10 each, and come with 1 avatar, and 1 chibi. 1. 2. 3. Please comment or...
  2. SpeckledMutt

    Snow Leopard Kangaroo Character Auction

    http://www.furbuy.com/auctions/1029922.html NSFW
  3. SpeckledMutt

    ***Cheapity cheap cheapy cheap ($10 Refs)***

    Apparently I'm most well known for my $10 reference sheets? xD Least I was told. Anyways.. I have more expenses than I do money coming in, so I'm trying to keep up with commissions as best as I can. I had my computer crash so I had to regather my other commissions and am now redrawing them...
  4. SpeckledMutt

    Traditional Badges and ACEO Cards (First two free if you pay shipping)

    Since I now have a way to laminate my badges + cards, I'm opening these back up! However, I need examples, so the first two you only have to pay shipping and lamination fee, which is appx $3 I can only ship to the US and Canada unless you wanna pay extra shipping for international rates. x3...
  5. SpeckledMutt

    Tame NSFW Coloured sketches $10

    Welp I give up on my insecurity about this stuff, the money is more important 0: horse's vet bills need paid. So I kinda suck at drawing genitalia.. but I can draw some sex stuff. god I sound so retarded. Anyways.. I'll just post some examples, and you let me know if you're interested with a...
  6. SpeckledMutt

    Cookies and frog toes

    I hope that got your attention. This is really about a valentines day special. Doing coloured monochrome sketches of couples for $5. C: And with that you get a free pair of matching icons. Example of coloured sketches; [lil bit nsfw.. but not really]...
  7. SpeckledMutt

    Underwear Pin ups (kind of NSFW?)

    example; I guess this is considered a pinup? and if its not, then uhm.. then coloured monochromatic sketches of your character in their underwear? :D Taking these for $4-$5 for single characters. $7 for couples. Since these are fun, and I can turn them out pretty quick, I'm taking 10 slots...
  8. SpeckledMutt

    Quality Cheap Iron Artist Coloured Flat Sketches LETS GOO

    SOOO Due to a recent drainage of funds.. I'm having to open commissions again. I have my coffee ready, and I don't plan on sleeping much tonight. First 20 are guarenteed done TONIGHT, payment first, and if they aren't done, then you get your money back, plus I will STILL finish the art. So free...
  9. SpeckledMutt

    HUGE Digimon and Gundam Lots

    I dont know if this is the right place to post this, but since alot of furries I know like collectable stuff.. I figured I'd may aswell advertise here. Links to the auctions; theyre my mate's stuff. He collected them, didnt play with often. The digimon lot has like this super rare red D3...
  10. SpeckledMutt

    Opening 1 Couple Commission slot $10, examples in thread

    Well, my commission list is full for full commissions, but I'm opening one more couple commission slot. Just note me on FA, they're only $10 if you give me free reign on it, and if you want a specific/complicated background its $12, and i cant guarentee how well I will do on it, but I will try...
  11. SpeckledMutt

    15 slots for TWO DOLLA fracking adorable chibi ID/Badges

    i hate sounding conceited but i hope it got your attention among all the other desperate commission threads. LET ME THROW MINE AMONG THEM ok you could have two double cheeseburgers at mcdonalds or this. I'M HUNGRY OK. but anyway example is this; ^^^ ID form, can do them in badge form too c...
  12. SpeckledMutt

    Just another shameless commission thread

    I like to say that my art is of decent quality, and my prices are fair. But since I need fast cash to pay for the vet and farrier for my horse, I'm running a sale. I'm on a time crunch though so I will be doing mostly flat colours, and sketches. If you want to commission something a bit more out...
  13. SpeckledMutt

    2 Free sketches

    I need a complex dragon character, but doesnt HAVE to be complex either. And an equine or goat.. I need to practice, so I may aswell make some people happy while doing it xD Just link your refs.. This is NOT first come first serve, I will pick the two that catch my eye and link them back here...
  14. SpeckledMutt

    animated Bunny ear snuggle icon things

    http://makeagif.com/i/jx8YeE Thinking about selling these.. I'd pretty much colour it to look like your character. this is a roughly put together one in an online gif maker because im too flippin tired to fix the fast blinking and stuff.. Anyways.. Make an offer? I dont know what to charge for...
  15. SpeckledMutt

    Commissions (selling): Commissions starting at $1

    Figured I'd make an actual thread for this. ::Sketches:: $1 uncoloured $2 coloured (2 character limit, or add more for .50) http://www.speckledmutt.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=24#/d4b1uif http://www.speckledmutt.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=0#/d4f4i7x...
  16. SpeckledMutt

    $3 Coloured Sketches

    edit; Okay dropping the price to $2 ;; Examples my full gallery here; www.furaffinity.net/user/speckledmutt http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2011/308/3/0/ears_ears_ears_by_speckledmutt-d4f4i7x.png http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2011/308/2/a/biggles_for_life_by_speckledmutt-d4f4f57.png...
  17. SpeckledMutt

    Commissions to visit my family/ match your budget

    Okay.. so some stuff has come up, I wont launch into it. But I need to raise a minimum of 300 bucks so I can go home and see my mom, two sisters, nephew, brother in laws, best friend.. etc.. oh, and my brother I guesss even though he's a punk :P I'm pretty cheap, at least I'd like to think...
  18. SpeckledMutt

    Holiday Icons

    edit again' okay after looking around I see how I'm supposed to set these up, sorry! edit; also doing couple mistle toe icons! for only a dollar more ;u; In a holiday mood after driving downtown and seeing all the xmas lights ;m; These will be $3 usd each, just tell me what you;d like.. they...
  19. SpeckledMutt

    Furpile Auction

    I have a 6 character furpile picture that I will be finishing.. ;; here it is http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6924706/
  20. SpeckledMutt

    Hello from a speckled mutt

    Hi there, you all can call me Keo. I can't believe I'm only just discovering the furaffinity forums.. I'm such a dork. I enjoy the outdoors, animals, horseback riding and of course art :D You can see my gallery here; www.furaffinity.net/user/speckledmutt <-- thats my new account. Well, when FA...