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    Beastars: Haru's Most Terrifying Smile Yet

    And then, nobody heard from Juno ever again.... Context: Juno just met Haru for the second time and before she left Haru stopped her to ask for help on the garden. This picture is a moment where you don't what she's planning at first when she stopped Juno.
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    Is there a good place to talk about NSFW stuff here?

    I can't seem to find an Adult only thread or subforum where people can talk about things like hentai sites. I'd like to talk about a hentai that claims to be non-hentai about Gatomon waking up to find an digiegg under her and the Digidestined discuss which Digimon is the father among them.
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    Lino: An Adventure of Nine Lives (Movie about a guy who actually becomes his Mascot Character)

    Here's a movie that came out last year, that I didn't know existed. Like I wrote in the title it's about a guy who works as a mascot character of some child daycare that actually becomes that character. After taking his complaints to the wrong person who misinterpreted his wish, he ends up...
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    Somebody! Anybody! Please Translate the Manga: "I Want To Seduce The Hero Kemonar!" (Furry Fan)

    A few months ago I noticed this manga ended up releasing the second volume of this pretty great manga which is shown in this picture. But so far only 2 chapters have been fan translated. This manga is about about the black hair girl with glasses who had a crush on a friend who became an...
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    Sunset Blade: Anthro Kitty JRPG with a free demo in its Kickstarter.

    Sunset Blade by GatoLodge — Kickstarter The game looks pretty interesting and was seemingly made a developer who both understands English and Japanese. According to the page, this game was inspired by Dragon Quest, Lufia, and Shin Megami Tensei (probably it's difficulty and your necessary...
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    PSO2: Ladies and Gentlemen, We Can Now Have A Costume About Space Dragons With Boobs

    Since the start of Last Tuesday, more costumes and accessories from the Japanese Contest winners are now available Globally, one of which is Large Breasts accessory aptly named Ballooned Bosom. Since the ARKs Sadeenian Suit (and maybe even certain Rappy Suits) is one of the few costumes that...
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    The Best "Oh no" Baymax Has Said in the Entire Series of Big Hero 6

    While infected with a Virus that makes him speak with a British accent like he's a sorcerer from the Middle Age, Baymax's signature "Oh no" has a very dramatic upgrade. Too bad I can't properly use this as a good reaction to things because I don't have a Twitter or how to properly make gifs...
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    Mad Rat Dead: A Rhythm Platformer About A Dead Rat Who Uses His Second Chance To Relive His Final Day To Get Revenge On The Scientist Who Killed Him

    I think it's out on all systems since I can see it on the Switch Store as well, but I'm kind of a surprised no one is talking about it since it came out during Halloween. And Even more surprised that Blood and Gore is good for Teenagers, especially the gore since you start the game answering a...
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    Have anyone seen Anime and Shows that has humanxanthro couples as a plot or side plot?

    I'm going to copy and paste of what I wrote to my humanxanthro club first before delving a bit more to the topic: I found this anime called: Onegai My Melody also known as Otomelody and the anthro plush bunny named Kuromi is head over heels with her human partner Keiichi Hiiragi. I managed to...
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    PSO2: Ship 2 ARKs Sadeenian (Anthro Space Dragon) Costume Sale For Halloween Weekend and Post Week

    I'm selling costumes like this: for 1 Million Meseta 1 at a time for the Halloween weekend and for the entire week. Even though my sales are somewhat expensive, it's something that you can easily reach if you've been playing for a while. But until next Wednesday I'll be selling them slightly...
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    "Thank you for saving me! Now fill out this chart to determine which form you want me to appear in when we meet again."

    I was browsing through one of my favorite Japanese TF artist's twitter and he shared this comic about a kitsune that was saved by a man and rather than showing up later in a human form, she proceeds to give him a form to fill out to apparently determine what form she'll appear in, among other...
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    The First 6 Episodes of BNA: Brand New Animal (spoilers)

    There's something that I really want to talk about but it seems like this thought hasn't crossed anyone's mind but mine about the implied plot twist regarding Michiru and her friend in the 6th episode. While pointing that listening and not paying attention to others is one of Michiru's biggest...
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    Phantasy Star Online 2 Furry Alliances/Guilds

    After playing the closed beta I can say with confidence that this game will be the 2nd game online game that I will continuously play until I "beaten it." Since then, I was wondering if I could make a human x anthro alliance, which is what guilds are called in this game, but I was too nervous...
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    Furry Manga and Certain Animal Manga List

    After posting a thread about an anthro fox demi-god that wanted to live like a human but is seen as anthro by every teenager and not adults, I went ahead try to look for more official manga that actually have anthro characters as the main characters of the manga or at least be important enough...
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    Found About This Neat Furry (With Humans) Manga: High School Inari Tamamo-chan!

    Also known as: お稲荷JKたまもちゃん!; O-Inari JK Tamamo Chan; O-Inari JK Tamamo-chan!; Oinari JK Tamamo-chan! It came out a year ago, but it seems to be going on pretty well. I only read the first chapter but it's about this anthro fox demi-god who wanted to try out being a human in a high school. The...
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    Does Anyone Know About the Spanish Version of Super Pig AKA Ai to Yuuki no Pig Girl Tonde Buurin?

    I noticed that from reading TV Tropes, Tonde Buurin has become pretty popular in Latin America and before I continue I'll just copy and paste TV Tropes' description of what the anime and how it did with the audience for people who don't know what it is. Rather than link the site itself, I don't...
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    Looking For Certain "Human Turned Into Pokemon and Teams Up With a Trainer" Stories

    I'm putting this thread here because I'm looking for more than just fanfics with this concept, I'm also looking for comics, videos, and any other sort of media that uses this concept. Also, I put it in this discussion because I feel like this could be the most appropriate place for it since I'm...
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    Romantic Senses: Kissing. What's It Like To Kiss Anthro/Furry/Alien Lips

    There's something I've been noticing lately when it comes romance stories, it's just that hardly anyone writes more than one sentence when it comes to two characters kissing each other, and if it does it just goes straight to the tongue play. I'm not saying there's something wrong with that...
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    There are 2 Kinds of Authors

    One that is very descriptive to help the readers "see" what's going on in their story and the other that likes to let their readers do most of the imagining. Which one are you? I'm of the first variety, the reason: I'd like to help those who don't lack that much imagination see better...