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  1. TehSean

    Battlefield Three Alpha Testers Post Here

    So how do you like the game so far???? I got an audio bug where every person would be playing their weapon-firing sound effect due to alt tabbing. The game runs amazingly smooth on my system, which is bizarre considering it sort of slogged on Bad Company 2.
  2. TehSean


    So there's this new website that's apparently like FA, but has some of its former functionality active, like Commission information and evidently a sort of folder system that might/not be restricted to making a set of character profiles for all your fursonas and stuff, so it could be like F-List...
  3. TehSean

    Pokemon Character Ages?

    So, given that we can no longer touch the Sonic franchise or something, how old are most Pokemon? Do Pokemon age when they evolve? Please note: This is important.
  4. TehSean

    On Live

    I liked the recent round of demos of it. For months claims that their service would suck because of, well, -physics- were met with 'But we have *technology*, wait and see!'. Then, people reviewed it. Guess what, it was laggy and kind of crap. "But, but, people have unreasonable expectations and...
  5. TehSean

    Penumbra Overture creatres new Game

    Frictional Games is doing some promotional event for their new game "Amnesia: The Dar Descent" Much like the Penumbra series, it'll be a first person horror adventure. http://www.amnesiagame.com If they reach 2,000 pre-orders, then they'll include bonus content. So, if you liked the...
  6. TehSean

    Dead Space 2 Rumor/PC

    Not going to be on PC at all. Thoughts?
  7. TehSean

    Infinity Ward

    MW2 What a great game. My favorite level was in the USA, as PVT Ramirez, just before the tide turned... No Russian was initially my favorite until the later ones came along. It was just a fun experience. I played on Veteran and still managed to have plenty of movie-like experiences...
  8. TehSean

    Lag in Modern Warfare 2

    How do I fix this? How do I improve this on the software side? This includes anything from CFG tweaks to basic things like recommending to defragment.
  9. TehSean

    QuickCapsule MW2 Review

    Everything is fine. Multiplayer still needs dedicated servers. Cannot count the number of times on all my fingers and toes where lag was pivotal in whether or not I lived or died. I watch animations of my dying avatar through killcams and see quite often that I did not perform the actions I...
  10. TehSean

    I do not plan on getting Modern Warfare 2(PC)

    If you've been following the game at all, then you already know that it's got problems on the PC. Just wondering if other people have built up enough concern like I did to not pick up this hot title. Don't get me wrong. I like CoD. It has been a great series, but the choice for Activision to...
  11. TehSean

    SourceOP Idler Program

    Could this be the end? What started the concern: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=953306 "Valve Taking Action vs Idle Prog?!" http://www.sourceop.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=2006 Original thread where you can DL the prog...
  12. TehSean

    Forum Standards

    Are we not allowed to argue on this forum anymore? How are we going to have any discussion if the threads keep getting locked for being 'derailed and "ARGUING"? I've already spoken directly with a forum mod ( Carenath ) about this because I feel it's too aggressive and it often comes without...
  13. TehSean

    L4D Changes

    Well. Here are the listed changes. Versus Mode Changes * Tank melee attack can now hit multiple Survivors in one swing - [This appears to not work] * Fixed Tank punch being able to hit targets behind walls * Fixes to 'Tank parking'. The Tank will now run back and attack the...
  14. TehSean

    Quake Live Beta

    On QuakeLive I am Priest85 For clarification on the Skill placement, I think it's intended that you know how to circle jump/bunnyhop/whatever to be Expert... I can't do that, so I put myself into Advanced instead. http://www.leechvideo.com/video/view1862807.html Here's a video on...
  15. TehSean

    http://www.tribesnext.com/ (Free Game of Quality)

    http://www.tribesnext.com/ Free Game. Honk Honk. Just plugging it. I won't be checkin this thread for at least 2 weeks, so uh. Any negative feedback will not be received. All I hope is that some people look at it and decide to stay with it.
  16. TehSean

    Why I still don't play WoW

    The economy in the game isn't open. There are auction houses and things. That's highly advanced for the game. It's a big stock market, but that's not so accurate, it's more or less a giant warehouse. I've played a lot of Korean MMOs and I really loved how a lot of them had bartering systems for...
  17. TehSean

    Why do you need to modify words

    I don't know all the words that we furries use to describe certain things, but most of them come off as childish to me. In that respect, it makes the people using the language childish to me. I'm ignorant of all of the words we've changed, but the word "yiffy" is probably the worst. If you...
  18. TehSean

    Errattaaaa in the 502 page

    Just a minor thing since it still technically points to the forums and the user can still, hopefully, find the Site Status forum from there on, but the 502 error page points to the wrong forum. The server is currently having difficulty responding to all requests. Administrators are...
  19. TehSean

    TF2 Sniping

    Are there guides anywhere because I can't find any and I fear the reply "YOU JUST HAVE TO PRACTICE." I am currently trying to learn how to blindshoot, which will probably get me accused of wallhacking. Blindshooting is memorizing map features, so you know where the gap is where a sniper...
  20. TehSean

    FA Developer Blogs

    Is there a comprehensive list of Developer Blogs up? Especially ones that are off-site. Since I'd like to see what's been changed in FA. There are the obvious UI changes, but I'm also curious about the quiet upgrades as well. It is hard to find information in the forums. : Summary: Provide...