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  1. Quiet269

    Question for anyone who prints their artwork...

    Hello everyone, I have a Xerox Phaser 8560DN sitting around the office that really doesn't get much use but produces some pretty impressive prints IMO. It uses a wax based ink, and does colors quite well. I was thinking of offering to print and mail pieces for artists who do not have the...
  2. Quiet269

    Artists Accepting Tips?

    Hello, Just had this idea... put up an account... curious what you all think. It's meant to be a simple account people can +Watch or add to the end of their submissions to show that they do accept tips. Trying to be as passive and unintrusive as possible... The main idea behind it are for...
  3. Quiet269

    The Kippy / Cog - Cat/Dog Hybrid Dildo - Need your Support! (NSFW)

    Link to Pics: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2250452 What I said: Original Sketches were done by Kime_Requim from the Bad-Dragon forums: http://forums.bad-dragon.com/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=595 3D Renders was done by The Erossian from the Bad-Dragon forums...
  4. Quiet269

    Re-Organizing your Gallery?

    I'm not talking about folders here (though that would be nice :p) but more along the lines of being able to shift your work around. Like if I get a single image done in between pages of a comic, being able to move it to the end of the comic or to the front when the comic is done would be...
  5. Quiet269

    Blotch's Non-Adult Images... In High Resolution?

    I sent a Note to Blotch, but considering how busy they usually are I figure I might as well ask here too as someone might know the answer... I was looking back through Blotch's past Journals and noticed that their Art CDs seem to only include art that is adult in nature... which is all fine and...
  6. Quiet269

    RSS Feed of those you +Watch?

    Broken down by user, then updates either in the last month, week, or day? Would be kind of cool...
  7. Quiet269

    So... No Valentine's Day Banner?

    I just realized we went all through Valentine's day and no one complained about the banner! What gives? I want me some Furry Drama!
  8. Quiet269

    Auctioning off a Commissions! (Artist is Spirit Creations!)

    Hey there! Started an auction of my commission slot with Spirit Creations, trying to get my money back as I'm trying to help out a fellow fur :) The link is here: http://www.furbid.ws/cgi-bin/auction/item.pl?item=232349308 Spirit Creations was even nice enough to pimp me out in her journal, so...
  9. Quiet269

    Fishing for Opinions on a new style

    Hello, This is a little odd, but I'm really looking for honest opinions on a new inking style... I've created a few brushes to stimulate a varied width along the line to give the linework a little more .... pop ... instead of just being a uniform width with a tapered end... But I don't know if...
  10. Quiet269

    Looking for a Tutorial... on Inking...

    I'm trying to learn more about inking as I continue my work... I've managed to figure out a reliable method of tapering the line at the ends, but now I want to have a varying line weight throughout the line... So I'm trying to figure out a way to duplicate this in illustrator... Anyone know of...
  11. Quiet269

    FA Reprocesses Images... Can we improve it some?

    Take a look at these pics: Notice the 120x120 image has a red background now for some unknown reason? It's Transparent in the PNG I uploaded :( and It looked Good... Now I have to add in a background just so it doesn't auto assign a crappy one :p Then if you look on my page itself... I mean...
  12. Quiet269

    Hello, I would like to offer my services to you...

    This is a little odd, but I'm not looking to commission you; but rather to see if you would like to commission me :-) You see I enjoy inking artwork. I am doing so for a couple artists now and am looking to add more people to the list :-) What I offer is quite Simple, I offer you a little...
  13. Quiet269

    It would be nice if someone would take a look at the AUP Discussion threads...

    Maybe I'm just missing the posts, but has any mod+ posted clarification on any of the questions brought up in those threads? OR are all the users just bickering amongst themselves debating how they interpret the rule?
  14. Quiet269

    Pokemon... Are they Anthro or Feral?

    Question: Do you classify Pokemon as Furries? If so, would you classify a Pokemon (like Lukario) as an Anthropomorphic Furry, or as a Feral Furry? This question assumes that the difference between Anthropomorphic and Feral is as follows: Feral Furry is an animal that keeps it's form, and the...
  15. Quiet269

    Want to watch me Ink/Color something?

    Warning: Pic being done is Cub and NSFW. It is tasteful though I posted all the files in my Journal. You can see it here: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/590337/ ^_^ Thanks for looking
  16. Quiet269

    How do you inquire as to why you are on someone's block list?

    Seems I just got blocked by someone for some reason... Now I'm curious as to the reason for it... but I cannot contact them lol
  17. Quiet269

    Pimping a Meme... Collaboration!

    This is my first artistic Meme, so I'm trying to pimp it a little :p Have you ever wanted to work with others, but never could get it started? Are you a fan of random happen stance? Do you want to see what your work might look like meshed together with one of your favorite artists? Then this is...
  18. Quiet269

    Add Pages or something to Shouts Review?

    I just noticed when reviewing the shouts... you cannot page through them... so if you want to read previous ones... you have to delete the ones that came after :( It'd be nice is we could kind of save the ones we really like
  19. Quiet269

    Question: Why was the $$/Month raised to $890?

    I just noticed that the new little widget we have says it's goal is $890, and I was wondering why the additional $90? If I remember correctly it was $800 before, when we were using Amazon.