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  1. Crisahitna

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Open

    I am opening up commissions for some extra money. $5 for head busts sketch $10 for torso sketch $15 for full body Will draw: NSFW, Furry, Transformers, Will not draw: color pieces (this is only traditional sketch) Note: I work a job in real time and have a rocky work-life balance, so I...
  2. Crisahitna

    (Sort-of Vent) Is it dumb to get angry at questions about your OC, no matter how simple and basic the OC is?

    Your feelings are valid because you are entitled to them, but they are also entitled to their opinions and their questions. I would suggest making an FAQ page if it gets annoying. Also, you don't have to answer some of their questions because they can't make you answer.
  3. Crisahitna

    What Happens with the Inactive Open Species?

    So I'm currently making my Kellashee OC, and I originally made an attempt to try to contact the original species owner/founder for a opinion only to find out he's been inactive for about 5 years. I honestly don't know what usually happens in a circumstance like that. Do they semi-fade from the...
  4. Crisahitna

    show me pics of your fursona!

    So my bugsona is a Death's Head Roach. I don't have a name for her at the moment, but I kind of had a concept on what her origin story is gonna be like.
  5. Crisahitna

    Survey - Orientation and Species

    Submitted, and do let us know the results. I'm curious too.
  6. Crisahitna

    Autism in The Fandom

    With me, I was originally diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder when I was really, really young, and then was diagnosed with Aspergers in 8th grade. I can say from experience that having a social disability doesn't change your personality one bit, so I've done a lot of work on myself...
  7. Crisahitna

    How Open Are You Being A Furry (New Fur Help)

    I do post about being a furry on my own page, but I don't shove my coming out crap down people's throats nor share it out loud if it's really not needed. It's one of those things where you gotta know the group of people you're with before you open your mouth (I should know. I'm part of Mox's...
  8. Crisahitna

    Shark's Den Furry Discord Server

    Applied to join. Looking forward to dumping more of my art into the server, guys.
  9. Crisahitna

    Species Desirability: Physical Verses Cultural Attractiveness

    Think of it this way. The simpler the design of the species, the more flexible the colors you make your fursona out to be. That's why canines and felines are the most common species to be used as fursonas. Granted The composition of common fursona species are simple and can therefore be molded...
  10. Crisahitna

    Post cute images of your fursona's species!

    I actually got a picture of my bugsona's species finally.
  11. Crisahitna

    Worm Representation

    I'm glad that you found a species that is rare and unique to you. There are many risks taken when it comes to unpopular species within the furry fandom, so it's always refreshing to have people experiment with animals that are not made into fursona yet. That's how I made my roach bugsona. I...
  12. Crisahitna

    Did anyone becoming a furry start with...

    I started off as a Pegasister (female brony) and was frequently drawing my ponysona. I was huge into MLP, so it was a matter of time before I got myself integrated into the furry fandom by creating my first bugsona. And I'm making a furry OC in the works.
  13. Crisahitna

    Complete Noob. How did YOU choose your Fursona?

    With me, my bugsona (bug fursona) was chosen because I wanted a rare technical species that is unique to my personal connection. In this case, I chose a Death's Head Roach (Blaberus craniifer). What is the first words you think when you see a cockroach in your home? Probaby disgusting, ugly...
  14. Crisahitna

    Hey There, Guys

    Thank you!
  15. Crisahitna

    Hey There, Guys

    That's actually fucking awesome!
  16. Crisahitna

    Hey There, Guys

    Thank you.
  17. Crisahitna

    Thank you for the follow.

    Thank you for the follow.
  18. Crisahitna

    Hey There, Guys

    I'm a furry and a Pegasister and had my own furaffinity up for a good while. My art name is Crisahitna. My bugsona is a Death's Head Roach. I crave raw fish and sushi from time to time. I listen to some death and black metal. And I'm looking for inspiration to come up with a character that's...