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  1. Claribelle

    Hello there!

    Hey all! I go by Charlie online, I'm really not new here but figured I might as well post an introduction since I come back from ancient times mostly forgotten. I'm 26, haven'T really been active on FA at all, or anywhere else really, in a few years. I'd like to change that though! Some cool...
  2. Claribelle

    (Commission) Selling: Pixel Icons for 12USD each!

    I'll keep a long story short, I've had some unplanned spendings to do as my GPU on my computer fried. I decided to sacrifice a bit of my free time to do these instead, they fit the default size for FA's avatar, but I could do bigger if needed, and price would be adjusted depending on what you...
  3. Claribelle

    Wanting to draw specific NSFW things!

    So I dont usually draw NSFW but I want to have fun with colors... So if you could show me some colorful naughty bits i might speed paint some as practice! Bonus point for colorful fluids as well honestly! Any species amd if you want a quick look at my art my FA is in my signature!
  4. Claribelle

    Free mini painted flats

    I have maybe an odd request! I got some new Posca pens and I've been loving them, but I'm still limited with my color choices, so I've been practicing both monochrome art and using alternate palettes. So I'm looking for either characters with only one color or characters you'd be willing to have...
  5. Claribelle

    Selling Pixel Icons!

    They're quick and fun to make, so I decided to open up a few slots for classic 100x100 icons, any species, any expression you want All of these except one were made in the span of two days, so you should get yours quickly if you order them! They're all transparants, but usually best viewed on...
  6. Claribelle

    Pixel icons

    I like doing icons, they're relaxing to do, but I feel like I still need more practice! here are the latest ones I did, I'm comfortable with most species, but I'll skip on humanoids for now! <:3 you can see more of my art on my FA Feel free to requests for expressions or anything specific!
  7. Claribelle

    Looking for art of my new sona ( boar - variable budget )

    Hey so after losing drive to keep going with the furry fandom I decided to kind of come back after heavily revamping my fursona to more accurately represent who I am now. Thing is, boars/swines aren't exactly common and sometimes I'm unsure to ask people if they don't feel comfortable doing it...
  8. Claribelle

    High Quality Digital Commissions (25$+)

    Hello there! I am not actually promoting myself today, but a friend who is in need of money for her rent! She can be contacted HERE and HERE I can easily help contacting her if you do not have a tumblr or deviantart! Here are her ToS: I am now available to do commissions. In light of...
  9. Claribelle

    Looking for Icons!

    Hey yall! I'm a big fan of icons, and as the development of my goatsona is nearly over, I'd love to get a few icons of them! I don't really have a budget, but I'm likely to stick around 15$ or less, may go more but only for highly stylized icons, which are my favorites. Love both painted and...
  10. Claribelle

    Why don't yall come here and mee Claribelle

    So I figured most people just stare at my avatar before going like well thats a new one so uuuh why not clarifying things a little about my sona. Most of those things, besides the appearane, are about myself, since I try to keep Claribelle as close as me as possible so yeah sorry no epic story...
  11. Claribelle

    Icon requests

    Hi there! So I wanna practice making icons a bit, since it's a format I'm not used to. Feel free to look at my gallery to have an idea of what my art looks like. Just comment with a ref to your character AND a color palette (or color suggestions) you'd like, since I'm planing on maybe using...
  12. Claribelle

    Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who's super excited to finally be able to play that game! Anyone else? I'm still discovering the game, only played about an hour of it, beaten mom so I guess I'll see more items soon! So far I do love the charm and the flush item, but there's just SO MUCH stuff. I...
  13. Claribelle

    Icon commissions! 3 slots open

    Hi there! So I'm offering animated icons based on the new internet crazy, ghost by Mystery Skulls. I try to stay as close as the original style when I draw them and they're animated to fit the song's rythm. They'd come in the standard 100x100 (or any other size asked) and original size, 15$...
  14. Claribelle

    Fursuiting with glasses

    I have a really crappy eyesight and I cannot wear contacts, so I've been wondering for quite some time if some furries wore their glasses under their fursuit head? It would be possible to build a wider head I guess, but what about the ventilation? Foggy glasses suck so yeah... I was curious if...
  15. Claribelle

    YCH Auction

    Hello there! I'm in need of some quick money so I figured I could do one of those YCH auction, they seem to be pretty popular here lately. All the info is on the submission, here (matured because of nudity) thanks!
  16. Claribelle

    Sketches! (3 slots open)

    Sketches! (no slots left, but there's a waiting list!) Why hello there! Thanks for clicking on that title. So I'm new on here and I figured I should offer some free sketches, of pretty much anything, as a way to begin my glorious journey in this website. Anyway you would get something like...
  17. Claribelle

    Hello there!

    Hey everyone! So uh, I'm new to both the forums and the main FA website, so I figured I should introduce myself a bit! I'm a 19 years old girl, French Canadian and I currently study arts in College, hoping to work in the video gaming industry. As you may have guessed, I love video games and art...