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  1. N3X15


    Figured I might as well introduce myself, now that I have some sort of position, no longer necessitating the need for anonymous lurking. I’m pretty much a n00b to the whole fur fandom thing, but I have been a sonic fan since I was very young, and that fandom eventually led me to FA. In...
  2. N3X15

    FA FAQ

    A crappy WIP by your favorite llama. The search is "temporarily disabled". When is it coming back? When the new version of the site, Ferrox, comes around, it will be enabled. The old implementation was very (excuse my bluntness) halfassed, and took forever to run, slowing down the site as a...
  3. N3X15

    On Filters

    I know that some of you are wondering why the filters aren't working. The problem is that they never worked correctly from the start, and the design was pretty faulty. It may be a while before the filters are operational. In the meantime, it would be great if artists who draw...