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  1. Mid-Nightshade

    Custom Reference Sheet 50$

    I'm opening Three Slots for Reference sheets to be done to help us cover upcoming Rent. They'll look similar to this, though you can customize it by adding things as you'd like it and changing whatever shape. This is just the basic style it'll be in unless you have another request. I can do any...
  2. Mid-Nightshade

    Cosplay Commission [10$ - 30$]

    Cosplay SFW or NSFW For the upcoming convention [Anime North] I decided to throw a YCH Cosplay edition to celebrate cosplay What is it? It’s where you claim a slot, and give me a character & outfit from a series, Game, Movie or Anime and I draw your character wearing that outfit cosplay...
  3. Mid-Nightshade

    Two Egg Adoptables

    Selling these two Egg Adopts! Things the owner can choose Gender Body type. Do you want something cute and fluffy? Or intimidating and dark? Chibi, fullsized, Large paws, Etc. Auction #1 Sunray Current Bid: 5$ Bid Increase: 2$ AB: 40$ #2 Death’s Underline Current Bid: 5 $ Bid Increase: 2$...