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    So I was playing CS 1.6 and fired 2 shots with the AWE...

    Both of them hit my enemies dead on, instant kill on each. After that, I stood there, and was shot and killed by someone else. My accuracy was reported as 33.3%. I thought computers were supposed to be good at math. :rolleyes: A similar thing happened in QIIIA as well. This is the only...
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    my homey here lick on a trick for a Rolex and let me try the four next Now the fly

    PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS THREAD IS ABOUT A VIDEO GAME AND IS NOT SPAM To download, look in the description of the video as linked below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jSn6ke-Nn0&feature=watch_response http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jSn6ke-Nn0&feature=watch_response
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    I know you'll all hate me for this, but...

    The Japanese are a very sanitary people. Soon after the tsunami hit, thousands of them were seen washing up on shore.
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    Zionists and Freemasons

    It's their fault. Discuss.
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    Holy Crapping Captain Planet. Stop the presses and stop them now.

    . Linkie Live shows available for download / listening. Damn near every bit of live dead from '65 (The Warlocks) to '95, when poor old Jerry died. That includes outtakes, live jams, etc. The-Grateful-Dead-live-like-you've-never-heard-it-before. In before "That's just crap!", "Who wants to...
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    Paul McCartney playing live (Streaming on YouTube)

    EDIT: Show's over. Here he is, folks. At some funky benefit concert in the UK. Just log in and listen! Well, I'm off to my aunt's house right now. See ya later. (Yea I know my old people music is showing, don't bother to point it out.) EDIT: I don't know if this belongs here or in Lynx...
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    Why can't this happen?

    For the most part, lyrically meaningful music is dead. No, I know, that's all subjective so this is mainly directed at those with similar tastes to mine. You know what would be nice? If someone was to combine the ascetically pleasing 'bright' feel of pop music with the poetic beauty of like...
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    Entertaining Songs

    Everybody loves music that ain't only good music, but is also entertaining. Post your favorites. sIuo0KIqD_E
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    Song vs. Song (What one's better?)

    Okay. The goal of this thread is to hopefully expand all of our horizons in regards to taste in music. Just post two songs and pick one from what's directly above you. Of course, include links to the songs you're posting. If you fail to do all of this, you'll go to hell! Here's my picks...
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    8 Needles Up Your Butt-Hole. (NSFW)

    FluffeeTalks. This guy is genius. Well, here ya go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nl6P7s3GPKI&feature=channel NSFW for cussing.
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    Are you off yet? Personally, I'll have to wait until the fifteenth. Sucks, don't it? I may or may not end up taking some advice from Zoklet to make the last few days more interesting. Whatever. I'll see. Feel free to bitch and moan and discuss and spread the love about school.
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    Learning C

    #include <stdio.h> int main() { printf( So I've been thinking about learning C. I figure knowledge of something other than BASIC might be nice to have. Mainly all I do is casual time-killing programming. No fancy games. No operating systems. What are your experiences (if any) with this...
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    Sound System (With poll!)

    So, what do you guys listen to your music on? Here's for me: ONKYO TX-14 100-watt amp (Used to be an AIWA RX-30) AKAI CR-80D-SS 8-track player (Great piece of equipment here) Altec Lansing ACS250 60 watt powered sub I used to have a Sony Stereo Tapecorder 500a tube-based open reel recorder...
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    Whooops! I kind of misread that!

    Okay. Like totally at Fred Meyer today (That's the grocery store where all the cool kids shop.) they were selling those 'topsy turvy' tomato planter things, just like the ones Mama bought in the old country. I walk up to the lady in charge of the sales and questioned the name as follows...
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    Five Favorite Species

    Just for fun. What's your five favorite species as a fandom to have as a fursona / roleplay as / whatever the hell you do in your spare time (Don't fill me in here.). Okay. It doesn't have to be five. Whatever. Just the best in your view. I'll start: 1. Lombax (Giggity giggity.) 2. Red Wolf...
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    Favorite Feel Good Song/Music

    We have one for sad songs, how about for happy songs? Rf69KPPcumI
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    Cub pr0n / whatever filter

    Here's an idea... Have an option to hide cub / feral / images with x amount of controversy when browsing art. Kind of makes sense... An announcement could be made on the mainsite 'If you have any cub / feral / whatever stuff than tag it, azzholes!!!1!' or something to that effect and tagged...
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    Poll to all bifags.

    Lately there hasn't been enough smut polls on this forum. I'll make one for y'all. Here: It's the end of some shitty party. You're gonna get laid sometime tonight and you know it. There's two attractive people hitting (on) you. They're both polar opposites on the 'stand up - sit down' to pee...
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    8 1/2 inch dong (NSFW but not porn) (comedy)

    Oh joy. The massive lulz to be had on übersite. This story just kicks ass. Go there. Read it all. Now. http://www.ubersite.com/m/96141 TL;DR: Two jerks win dildos in a Halloween party.
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    If I change my 'sona to a lombax...

    EDIT 1: Shweet a poll! EDIT 2: Bowdlerized. Not trying to piss (i mean PO) off any fanatics (those who wish to inform you of their worldview) here. I was just ranting about this hick town to myself when I first did this. EDIT 3: Done and done. Now go away. Yea, I still might. General...