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  1. MacroNikita

    Elder Scrolls Online? (Furry RP!)

    This is a long-shot... If anyone wants to do an RP set in the ES world as either a Khajiit or Argonian (I thought it wouldn't be inappropriate to ask here as there are two technically furry races in the game) during the second era of Tamriel, the time of the Alliance War in ESO. It would love...
  2. MacroNikita

    Seeking Micro for NSFW Macro/Micro

    NSFW 18+ Almost anything goes. My character is muscular and would be the grower/macro M/M only No more details here to respect forum rules I am looking for long term over notes on the MAIN FA SITE. My username is the same there. Note me on FA if interested.
  3. MacroNikita

    New To Forum

    Hi, I'm Nikita. I'm not here to talk graphic detail on macrofurries, despite the name. It is just for the convenience of easily referring to my FA username that is the same. -26, turning 27 this month -Became a furry at age 13 -Pink wolf fursona -Male I'll likely be scarce but who knows? FA...