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  1. ferretsage

    What a life changing month this has been..

    Well, good luck, kid. Enjoy the love bombing while it lasts. There's a pretty hard disillusioning glass ceiling, about 10 years up, when you realize the fandom is really skilled at developing fantasy characters... at the expense of the players who'd make them last.
  2. ferretsage

    Your Advice/Thoughts to Young Furs

    It's an animated GIF I made from an online GIF generator using a 5minute MSPaint drawing as a template. icons8.com: Animizer.net - animated GIF/APNG from static image I, then, had to open it up in GIMP because the framerate didn't save right and I had to re-edit the delay rate manually for all...
  3. ferretsage

    Your Advice/Thoughts to Young Furs

    ADVICE FOR YOUNG FURRIES 1. Get out before you're 30. 1A. Hell, get out before you're 22. This next rule goes quintuple if you're alone and the fandom is your only source of perceived comfort in life. *imagine your screen goes dark grey and the following text slowly scrolls upwards...
  4. ferretsage

    What do you enjoy the most about being a furry?

    That the furry subculture's record on how it treats those who question and reexamine their association with the furry fandom truly is stellar on the matter. Trust me. You are safe in their safespace. Get involved deeply with the furries without fear.
  5. ferretsage

    If given the choice would you become a permanent anthropomorph?

    Furries. Furries. Furries. Unless you have a crack-fed teleporting Wakanda to pull out of your asses, guarded by every Omega-level mutant superpower combined, animal monsters are not happening without a major World War involving at least a few mushroom clouds. Which might well happen anyway...
  6. ferretsage

    To be or not to be Furry?

    Agreed with most of this. You ABSOLUTELY do not have to be a Furry in order to like talking animal monster/cartoon content. Only problem I could find, with this otherwise fine assessment, is that furries seem to think "illegal stuff" includes disliking really bad people. Because, as the furry...
  7. ferretsage

    How old were you when you became a Furry?

    12-13. That was a very long time ago.
  8. ferretsage

    Blocked people

    Thanks. Trump 2020.
  9. ferretsage

    Blocked people

    Just post Shad-OWTheEdge.jpg Make your casual dismissal and denial to avoid redressing your community's problems less dishonest.
  10. ferretsage

    Blocked people

    When furries get upset that people they've banned can still see their content, what they are, specifically, upset about, is that those banned others can still see their posted furry porn. So, let's frame this thread properly without mincing words: this thread is about furry porn artists upset...
  11. ferretsage

    (Rant) Why are some people so sensitive in this fandom?

    Oh, don't get me wrong; I think furries are gross, and I LOVE to give my honest opinion of furry fandom.
  12. ferretsage

    What are some greedy things artists do?

    I, initially, wrote a 10 paragraph essay, but this 1994 comic succinctly encompasses all I wanted to say. Called out on your collective human asses long before your escapist furry fandom magically became what it is today. Furry, thy name is Avarice.
  13. ferretsage

    Art stats - how many are rated mature, adult and general?

    Pushes page of FA submission stats 2015. www.furaffinity.net: Furry Content Site Statistics 2015 by Garek_Maxwell Yak, the code lead for FA, has not yet posted the FA submission map for 2016, so Garek Maxwell and others cannot process the data into laymen's terms. No pressure, Yak.
  14. ferretsage

    What do you think about furry lifestylers?

    Oh, ha, WELL... you've just described a hell of a lot more furries than most furries envision "furry lifestylers" -- a distancing spooky othering term that couldn't possibly describe all the lonely, virgin, amoral, shy, reclusive fucks out there, hiding behind keyboards, consuming furry porn on...
  15. ferretsage

    2 The Ranting Gryphon

    Anthrocon >should< be able to ban him because it's their show and, as a privately run organization, they can decide what goes into it. "Free Speech" only protects you from reprisals that deny life and liberty from the government. That said, 1) Furry, as a fandom, is fucked. 2) Furry...
  16. ferretsage

    Why do furries discrimante?

    I'm not here for acceptance. I'm here for vindication for rejecting this dying destructive online world many of you are snagged in (some even in this thread, by their own admission). Thanks for giving me everything I was looking for. "MINORITY" *tastes that word carefully* It seems virtually...
  17. ferretsage

    Why do furries discrimante?

    Painful. And the people bowed and prayed To the neon God they made And the sign flashed out its warning And the words that it was forming And the sign said, "The words of the prophets Are written on the subway walls And tenement halls." And whispered in the sound of silence Also, "Welcome...
  18. ferretsage

    Why do furries discrimante?

    Imagine you walked into a city where there was a big ruleboard on the city wall and one of the rules said, "RAPE IS LEGAL HERE." Walking around, with armed guards for protection, you saw men, women, and children raping and being raped. Then, you came to Lot's house, and he said, "Sure, there's a...
  19. ferretsage

    Why do furries discrimante?

    Jesus fucking Christ! Are you really that demented? Are you one of those people who go, "See! Here's a corner of the house that's not on fire! Everything is FINE!"