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  1. linkmaster647

    Looking for a fair fight...

    Is there anyone here that have Puyo Puyo Tetris/Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 on switch? I'm kinda tired of just getting annahilated in puzzle league and wanna find a rival on my skill level to have fair matches and intense action! First of all: if you're a Puyo main, well, I don't want that, I fear them...
  2. linkmaster647

    Meeting furries near me?

    It's... for many reasons first of all is that I have no IRL furry friends, sure they know I am a furry and are supportive, which I like but... I would also like friends that are more "like" me aside from just being gamers... (I know that in the current time, meeting up and stuff is hard because...
  3. linkmaster647

    Hiring: (NSFW and SFw) Commissions (budget 50$ CAD but can go over a little)

    about a hyena, all fluffy and woulf like a cute artstyle
  4. linkmaster647

    Hiring: (NSFW) Commission (budget 50$ CAD but can go over a little)

    Would feature a Krookodila and a Noivern
  5. linkmaster647

    Hiring: (NSFW) Commissions (budget 50$ CAD but can go over a little)

    I dunno if I can tell but it's on the "vore" type...
  6. linkmaster647

    Hiring: (NSFW/SFW) Commissions (budget 50$ CAD but can go over a little)

    I can't really give much details but will feature 2 Wartortles (one is chubby) and I want a cute style with also the fluff for the ears and tails.
  7. linkmaster647

    Techno/Glitchop/(Any like genres of similar style)?

    I grew more and more fan of that song genre mainly from rhythm games... I want to discover more of that genre but here's what I got (Will put in spoilers to not make a post overly long) I want to discover more what I love from them is the chiptune (from some of them), the use of "glitch"...
  8. linkmaster647

    Hiring: (SFW) Commissions (budget 50$ CAD but can go over a little)

    So I'm looking for something quite specific, the characters involved are a croco and a Hackmon but on the details I want somthign of that exact style: And the only furry example I did found on FA:
  9. linkmaster647

    Hiring: (NSFW) Commissions (budget 50$ CAD but can go over a little)

    So I mainly search for diapers (both clean-ish abd hyper filled) Note: Characters are over 18
  10. linkmaster647


    It's been a month since I've been with a guy online, but just broke up with me and also found out that our love was just fake to him saying to me seeing that I can't get over it quickly "Calm down, it's just an online relation ship, it doesn't matter much".... Am I a joke to him? For me the love...
  11. linkmaster647

    Hiring: (NSFW) Commissions (budget 25$ CAD but can go over a little)

    im searching for 3 1 is about a little chonky koopa 2 is about a slim skunk might include farts 3 is about a muscular shark
  12. linkmaster647

    Hiring: (NSFW) Commissions (budget 50$ CAD but can go over a little)

    I can't give much details but there's 2 ideas I have one might be hyper/fat the other is diaper related
  13. linkmaster647

    Hiring: (NSFW) Commissions (budget 50$ CAD but can go over a little)

    i cant give too much details but most of my ideas are VERY kinky and gay.... and features fat character and pokemon (message me for more info if youve got specific questions)
  14. linkmaster647

    Hiring: (SFW/NSFW) commissions (budget up to 100$ CAD)

    i dont know exactly what i want yet but ill throw our what i could have as an idea... but other than that on the sfw side might be like a fighting between 2 characters or just chilling with the other.... mostly species wise it would be dragon, croco, turtle (well pokemon cuz its a wartortle)
  15. linkmaster647

    furry vns

    recently ive been playing quite a few of thoses thanks to my friend... but anyaways so far i saw afterclass, extracurricular activities and password... any other ones i should check? and like password mystery or some sort of crime investigations might be interesting (thinking back on how...
  16. linkmaster647

    Hiring: looking for a SFW or NSFW commission (budget is 50$ USD)

    so just to give the basics itll be featuring my pokesona, Link the Wartortle and my friends sona, Stránnik the Direwolf (below theres pics of both)
  17. linkmaster647

    The most stressful rhythm game ever

    I never thought id say this or find this but geez thumper is so intence.... turns are hard to predict, and gets worse when theres multiple turns in a row you basically need to know its there to avoid damage.... and the fact you only can do one mistake is terrible once you loose the shell you...
  18. linkmaster647

    Kinda having a down mood

    well just not anger just... down.... right now...sure, its not affecting much but, still i could feel better than this.... i dont think any games or music would get my mood back up..... right now.... all id want is.... not to be alone... and nothing deep either... just wanting affection...
  19. linkmaster647

    Hiring: searching for 2 commissions (one SFW one NSFW) (budget up to 100$ CAD)

    so both commissions well be with 2 characters one of which is: about the same style and... since this a character from game theres no refs (also ill wait few days before i decide who ill commission just to make a better decision and not get surprised by another artist posting that is what...
  20. linkmaster647

    When you can do things only once....

    Welp happened to me just today in a rhythm game annnnnnnnd REEEEEEEEEEE OH GOD IM TRIGGERED I PASSED AN INSANE SONG but in a side mode..... so the actual score of the song isnt registered.... AND THE WORSE IS I DUNNO HOW I PASSED IT i got like extremly panicked i guess somehow i got adrenaline...