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  1. BRN

    Not Receiving Reset Code

    Hey creatures! I've taken all the steps possible, but I'm simply not receiving a reset code for "SIX~~" at www.furaffinity.net/user/six~~ . I dropped an email to accounts@ already, but I'm joining the crowd here on the forum as good practice.
  2. BRN

    Fifty Thousand

    100 63 38 50 70 These numbers are the amount of £ I've made per day, roughly, from my last five jobs. You can see a definite slump right there in the middle, huh? Yeah, I got fired from the best-paying job I ever had. I was pretty good at it; got a promotion after my first year with a...
  3. BRN

    I burn hard money on this fandom

    A'ight, so I do fairly well at my job and make decent wage. I try to put a lot of that money away into savings like a responsible adult, but also give myself a fairly healthy chunk of disposable income. It's the 7th of the month, and I'm almost already out of that disposable! What the hell did...
  4. BRN

    Confuzzled 16

    Hiya folks! I'm registered for Confuzzled but haven't bought a hotel room for the week yet. If anybody's in the same situation, how d'you feel about reducing our bills and sharing a place? Sixi
  5. BRN

    I look at adverts for a REASON

    And so should you! S'up. It's a referral thread. Don't look away just yet, though. So, yeah, registered charity Tab For A Cause offers you this awesome application for your web browser. Holy shit BRN, tell me more! Here's the premise in two quick points: 1) Loading an advert on any webpage...
  6. BRN

    Rip me to pieces

    Hey folks! I recently completed something I'm pretty proud of. I've been drawing for about two months now and I made a little gift for someone. Everybody's happy, so now I'd like to see how I did! NSFW I'm looking for as much brutal criticism about http://puu.sh/hSIlm.jpg and...
  7. BRN

    Note View

    What is this beautiful new thing I see before me? Seems I can view my FA Notes now, without loading each note in a seperate webpage. This was a fun surprise to find. Grateful for this neat change - it helps a lot with my current stunted browsing ability. Thanks, guys! The inset inserts itself...
  8. BRN

    Things that were not true you used to think were true

    Opinions are opinions. Yeah, no shit that's tautological, but I think it's worth the reminder. But how about beliefs? Beliefs certainly aren't opinions, and sometimes things we think are true turn out not to be. I used to think that "everyone deserves empathy" was a self-evident truth, and now...
  9. BRN

    Counter Strike: Globally Offensive

    So I might as well hold my paws up. I've been playing an awful lot of CounterStrike lately. The newest variant of this small series of games is CS:Global Offensive, taking the reigns from CS:Source. Still polluted with hackers (and rampant claims of hacking) and the same...
  10. BRN

    NSFW Ferals; Gay Dragon and Fakemon ($50)

    Heya folks. I'm looking for a lineart commission as a birthday present for a slinky dragon. My ideal artist for this picture will be willing to provide a sketch, let me take a look, and provide lineart as a final output. <3 The content is a slender male eastern-style dragon lying on his back...
  11. BRN

    Newf Izziks

    So hey, I was browsing BBC and here's a link for y'all. http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-26462348 Seems interesting to me! Now we just have to tap the grand canyon. Though perhaps I shouldn't be talking about energy generation when this doesn't even seem to be understood.
  12. BRN

    Age Thread 2014

    It's that time again! Hey folks. Another year has passed and it's time to begin, isn't it? I get a little bit bigger, but then I'll admit, I'm just the same as I was. Now... don't you understand? 2013 was a year. In that time, let's take a look at some unique trivia: - In a year, the...
  13. BRN

    Negotiating a benefit

    I'm nervous about this upcoming Monday, since I scheduled a meeting with one of the owners of my company. My intentions are to argue my case to allow me onto the company's Career Break scheme - a year off work, to do what you please. Now, 'what I please' is going to be living in Canada for...
  14. BRN

    Bug/Site Problem: Submissions appearing in the wrong place

    http://oi42.tinypic.com/311nfb4.jpg http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12225848/ Rather oddly, this Artwork submission showed up on the front page of FA as a Writing submission. It's quite clearly artwork, given the file-type and submission metadata displayed. I can't really offer any other...
  15. BRN

    I sell sex and sex accessories

    Was reading CC's locked thread, and the burgeoning discussion about attitudes towards mature paraphernalia was... well, interesting! Firstly: Thread isn't about sex stories and that. Sorry, critters. Secondly: Thread's about the attitudes that make people shop 'in secret', or in an embarrassed...
  16. BRN

    STEAM: Capcom Weekend!

    omgomgomg Anyway, so despite all the ruckus about Dante's hair colouring, check out your Steam clients, guys! Capcom's selling products at 50-75% off, including a mega bundle for £30. Anything you think I should get? I'm already itching about DmC 5 and wondering what-if.
  17. BRN

    Chibi: Quadrapedal Dragon

    Hiya guys! I'm looking for art of a chibi, quadrapedal dragon, to surprise a friend with gift-art of his character. Want to help me do this? The character is about four feet tall and has no particularly complex traits. I can provide a reference to the artist. I'll be choosing based on: the...
  18. BRN

    How tall is your 'sona? Why?

    --- This bizarre little question might seem simple, but hey, apparently I've really been missing out on a culture shock! A furry friend of mine was really taken by surprise when I mentioned I'm "about three and a bit feet in length" - apparently, I'm 'tiny'! In the Pokémon fandom where I...
  19. BRN


    A) not the fetish B) if you dislike alcohol/dislike people who drink alcohol, I respect your feelings, everyone - yes, everyone - who drinks alcohol turns into a mindless destructive person who will find a way to hurt you - yes, you I am currently drinking a Mortos Vivos after blowing the...
  20. BRN


    So, I'm playing System Shock II, and in a frantic moment where I was scurrying around a medical bay looking for a place to recharge a battery so that I could open a door, I found myself constantly mashing the 'Quicksave' key to deal with each of several oncoming fights. I suddenly realised...