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    Are long stories bad?

    Under 4500 words still falls well into the realm of a short story. If it were twice that long, most would still consider it a short story. I disagree; an erotic story, like any other genre, can be as long or as short as it needs to be to tell the story. I've got an erotic story on the site...
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    Front Page Outage Favorites

    I'm partial to the holiday YCH!
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    Bug/Site Problem: Fur Affinity Not Loading

    If I had to venture a guess, it seems like it could be a DDoS attack.
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    Seeking Recommendations: Quality writing, BDSM related

    I once posted a recommended reading list. It's a few years old and may have a couple of dead links in it, but most I'm pretty sure still work. Some are the more hardcore type you indicated you're less interested in, but others are of the consenting adults variety.
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    Journal Idea

    I've requested before the ability to view all your friends' new journals with a view similar to the one for one user's journals, where you can see the body of the journal entry (you'd see the main text for 20-50 incoming journals at a time; you'd need to click on them individually to view or add...
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    Can't log out

    "Log out" doesn't work for me. It just takes me to the main/home screen, still logged in. This is a problem for anyone with multiple accounts who needs to log out of one to login to another.
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    about removing comments

    I've been saying for a couple of years that the inability to edit or delete one's own comments, whether to submissions, journals, or shouts, is one of the most glaring deficiencies of FA and one that I hope is near the top of the list of features to be implemented. I also believe one should...
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    Viewing user's avatar gallery

    Isn't there already a rule in place that avatars must be suitable for all viewers? Someone could try to upload an adult avatar, but I don't see that as any more of a problem than we already have with someone mislabeling an adult submission as general audience. At least one user I know of...
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    Viewing user's avatar gallery

    How about giving users the option to make their avatar gallery publicly viewable? Obviously, it would be read-only. Since it's not publicly viewable at present we'd probably be obligated to default it to private, at least initially
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    Sorting new submissions/journals

    I don't know if this has been suggested before or not, but it would be nice if you could sort 'new submissions' and 'new journals' (as well as other subsections in the user control panel) by username, and perhaps on other fields besides date/time of submission.
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    Looking for some awesome furry webcomics

    http://belfrycomics.net/ is an excellent resource for finding furry webcomics, including which ones are most popular among other readers.
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    Can someone help me with my Kleptophobia of stories?

    @atrakaj - The way you talk about it makes it sound like getting your story critiqued is such an awful experience that would make a lot of aspiring authors afraid to dive in. If the critiquers are doing a good job of it, it's not all that bad. I would contend that a properly done critique of...
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    Can someone help me with my Kleptophobia of stories?

    I've had one of my stories reposted without permission three times that I'm aware of (which is less than half the number of places I've posted it to myself). In only one of the three instances did someone try to take credit for it as their own (that site apparently was only frequented by a...
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    Artwork for publication

    I'm not an artist and any attempt to produce my own artwork would probably do more to hurt sales than help them. :-) Anything I commissioned now would be done for the purpose of using it in the print edition, and this would be stated up front. There isn't any pre-existing art where there...
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    Sketch memes

    One of the main reasons I excluded single frame memes in the first place was simply because the list was getting so long it was getting hard to manage, and I was looking for just about any somewhat reasonable criteria for excluding some of them. Even now it's still growing - I recently had to...
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    Artwork for publication

    I'm contemplating the possibility of getting one of my stories published in a dead tree edition. In order to do that, one of the things it would need is artwork - at the very least it would need a nice full color cover image, and some interior illustrations would be good to have as well. The...
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    Userpage Customization

    I like the fact that I can visit anyone's FA page and know exactly where to find their gallery, favorites, journal, sketches, shoutbox, etc., and don't have to puzzle out how they decided to lay out their page as I hunt for them. The site would be harder to navigate if a lot of users started...
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    Sketch memes

    Another round of updates, including the two suggested by Nanakisan and thebeast76: Thebeast76's Robot Meme by thebeast76 (larger version) #1 meme by dude-over-here Vore Template ! by danza The Alternate Species Meme by Growly Stop That Or Your Going To Hell! MEME by Charrio Adventrue...
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    Strange FA "watch" problem

    Do you have more than one ID registered on FA? If so, is it possible you are misremembering which ID you watched them with?
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    Sketch memes

    Due to maximum post size allowed on Fur Affinity forums, the sketch meme list has been split into multiple parts. The templates in this part are off-site. Some of them are oversized (by FA's size limits) and would need to be resized, rearranged, or split into multiple parts to be posted on FA...