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    Can't log out

    "Log out" doesn't work for me. It just takes me to the main/home screen, still logged in. This is a problem for anyone with multiple accounts who needs to log out of one to login to another.
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    Viewing user's avatar gallery

    How about giving users the option to make their avatar gallery publicly viewable? Obviously, it would be read-only. Since it's not publicly viewable at present we'd probably be obligated to default it to private, at least initially
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    Sorting new submissions/journals

    I don't know if this has been suggested before or not, but it would be nice if you could sort 'new submissions' and 'new journals' (as well as other subsections in the user control panel) by username, and perhaps on other fields besides date/time of submission.
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    Artwork for publication

    I'm contemplating the possibility of getting one of my stories published in a dead tree edition. In order to do that, one of the things it would need is artwork - at the very least it would need a nice full color cover image, and some interior illustrations would be good to have as well. The...
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    Journal view

    Currently you can view the text of several entries of your own journal in a single view: http://www.furaffinity.net/journals/username You still have to select entries individually to see the comments but at least you can see the journal entry itself as well as a count of the number of comments...
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    Sketch memes

    Are you looking for a sketch meme to play around with? They're not only fun to do, but they're great practice for exercising your creativity and drawing characters and scenes in ways that you might not have considered. Below is a list of sketch meme templates. I should give partial credit...
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    Deleted favorites

    Looking through my favorites there are now entries that have only a placeholder that says: "Submission has been deleted by the owner." Is there a way to remove those from my favorites?
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    Long words and side scrolling

    Can something be done to force line breaks at reasonable intervals if someone posts an obnoxiously long word in a reply (or even a journal entry or a shout), so that readers don't have to use side scrolling to read everyone else's replies on that page. Maybe auto-inserting a blank every so many...
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    Preview pics

    What do you think of it when artists put preview pics (aka thumbnail images) on their images? This is what you see in the gallery view, either Do you like 'em, would you rather see a thumbnail of the full image, or don't care? For clarification, the preview pic (or thumbnail) is what you see...
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    Journal entries

    On the display used to browse someone's journal entry, the name of the person whose journal you're browsing does not appear anywhere, just their avatar. Can this be added? My workaround is to mouse over the avatar and see the person's name in the url in the link bar.
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    Thumbnails in gallery views

    When I'm in any type of gallery view (the site main page, someone's gallery or favorites, my submissions view, etc.), is there an easy way to tell without actually viewing the image whether the thumbnail I see is a thumbnail of the entire image or a user-submitted thumbnail (aka preview pic)...
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    User number

    Is there a good way to find out what user name is associated with a user number, or to display someone's userpage given only their user number? There is an easy way to find out a user number given one's user name - just view their userpage, scroll down to the "Watched by" and "Is watching"...
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    Fav question

    Is there a way to see who has fav'ed one of my submissions (if I didn't keep track of them when they appeared on my New favorites display)?
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    What do you do with your favorites?

    As furaffinity user, you find pictures, stories, music, etc., that you like, and you add it to your favorites list. But I'm curious - what do you do with your favorites? How often do you go back through them to revisit the works you liked best? Or do you just add to your list, never looking...