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    What happened to Fangdangler?

    I followed him on Twitter and Newgrounds but both accounts are gone.
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    Best way to get into contact with a mod/admin?

    Hey there. What's the best way to get into contact with a mod/admin in case you need to ask them a question?
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    3d work not showing in search

    For some reason, when I search for 3d, nothing pops up. How come the search isn't working? I've seen plenty of 3d art on this site so I know that it is there.
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    Some good cute sfw artists?

    I follow a lot of NSFW arts but i'm trying to tone it down with the the lewd stuff and trying to find some good sfw artists, preferably those that draw really cute shit. Any suggestions?
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    Military/scifi furry artist

    Hey everyone. Who are some good military/scifi artists?
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    Does Sofurry allow nsfw art/stories?

    I'm considering making a account
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    Does anyone else feel like that they learn art better if someone teaches it to you?

    I know that they are a lot of self taught artist out there but for me, the self taught route hasn't been working for me. I have always felt better when someone shows me what to do or what I am doing wrong and or improve and then I improve and eventually develop my own style from the skills I was...