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    Temp FA spot...

    missing account ok i tried to log in and it said i couldnt log it. so i entered my name into the search and it says that there isnt an account with it. what happened?!
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    name battle arc just needs to give up on the name issue already. how can you win against a site that had clearly owned the name before he did..im starting to get the impression that Arc is just a powerhungry bastard and i wouldnt be surprised if he and the DA admins were cohorts...flame me all...
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    A suggestion to the Admins

    keep relationships outta the work place the best thing would be to keep all love intrests, relationships and the like out of the work place. it will only end in tears and fights and chaos. its happened to many times..
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    AF forum link? hey im just curious to see whats happening on the other side. keep in mind im pretty much stayin out of all this. i just wanna know if any of you have a link to their forum.
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    Server Donations list

    not a good idea... first..i encourage the donations. however i dont think its a good idea to post the amount that people have spent. and ill tell you why. Most people i know that are on this site, havent the income to make a serious donation. now that youve posted the massive amounts that...
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    Hunting down [insert artist name here]

    Da Urbskie ish Back hey guys. kinda bummed about this whole fA deal but im not gonna complain. you can find my art on: http://urbanwolf.deviantart.com I do gifts, requests and trades. No commisions yet. you can reach me by email and IMs.
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    Posting copyright material

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    Posting copyright material

    in regards to screenshots i think, personally, that if you are using it as a background or part of your picture, you should at least cite the game and its creator. but i dont think its alright to just upload a screenshot.