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  1. Ravofox

    Your favorite Animal Crossing character

    So, most of us would by now be familiar with the deceptively simple-looking but outright amazing and addictive game that is AC. So, I thought, why not share our fave virtual huggable fellas from it. They can be villagers or any recurring characters. :) To start us off, let me introduce the...
  2. Ravofox

    Movies or shows you think should be more popular with furries

    There are several movies and shows which are considered quintessential furry movies. Zootopia, Robin Hood, the Lion King, etc. However, we all know some movies and programs which appeal very deeply to our furry sides which don’t get so much recognition within the fandom. So, this thread is the...
  3. Ravofox

    books, comics or graphic novels featuring a modern style anthro society?

    I know this is a strangely phrased title, but I couldn't think of anything better to express what I'm asking about XD. Basically, I was wondering what other literary works feature a similar concept to Beastars (i.e a contemporary - not historical or futuristic - society populated by anthros and...
  4. Ravofox

    Save 20th Century Fox!!

    NEWSFLASH!! Disney, growing increasingly wary of the domination of foxes in their animated films, have decided to erase the 'Fox' out of '20th Century Fox', which they recently acquired! They're jealous of the success and stardom their fox characters have acquired. After all, everyone knows...
  5. Ravofox

    Weirdest Aussie animals!

    G'day everyfur. As you may have heard, much of my amazing country of Australia have been dealing with a nasty bushfire season which has killed nearly 20 people and possibly millions of animals. As a tiny way of expressing hope and appreciation I thought it might be nice to make a thread where...
  6. Ravofox

    What species is the most Christmacy?

    I've been pondering this very important question for some time! I know a lot of people would say deer or what not for obvious reasons, but I am fairly certain it's foxes!! Red and white, know everything, can be found all around the world and can fit into tight spaces with ease, they're...
  7. Ravofox

    General Chicken Activity

    As a fox, of course I loooove chicken:p. But, believe it or not, I do love em more than just as food. They're really cute and funny birbs. It's impossible not to fall in love with their adorable walk and funny noises! Plus they just look sooo cute! So, long overdue, I give you the general...
  8. Ravofox

    Help the user above you cool off!

    G'day everyfur! As most of us would know, this Summer's been an absolute scorcher for those in the Northern Hemisphere (South rulz, winter baby:cool:). So, I thought why not all band together and help the furry above you to receive some cool relief from the heat!:D Can include anything, from...
  9. Ravofox

    You know you're a [insert your species here] when...

    What is something that you do or experience that really reminds you what species you are?! Are you a hyena who laughs incessantly? Are you a rabbit with a craving for carrots? Tell all! To start of, you know you're a fox when your autocomplete changes JFK to KFC:p
  10. Ravofox

    Fox Report finished

    Supreme Justice Fox has handed down his findings. No knew bounty hunts recommended:D I kept saying that chicken coop break in had nothing to do with us! *brushes feather from mouth*
  11. Ravofox

    NZ fauna appreciation thread

    I wouldn't usually do something like this, but as an Australian, recent events in New Zealand have hit unusually close to home. So, I thought, let's admire some of Middle Earth's fantastic, unique animals, as a way to get some catharsis and to show those pretty islands our love!:) I'll start...
  12. Ravofox

    Relatively cheap sources of 'fur'?

    Hey fluffbutts! I've been entertaining the possibility of making a fursuit head of my character lately, but I'm not really sure where best to look for a relatively cheap material that I can somewhat decently use for fur. I know that the most decent things like faux fur are typically pricy, so...
  13. Ravofox

    Catch the furry above you

    Everyone got their furry hunting lincences? Good! Now we can commence! Simpily catch the furry above through whatever method you want, as long as it ensures a live catch - we have a strict catch and release policy:) Now, get up off your couches and get some air and exercise!:p
  14. Ravofox

    Stinkiest Type of Skunk

    We all know that skunks are stinky little critters, in more ways than one! They of course have their noxious spray which can knock out anything with a nose within a mile, but they're also amorous, sneaky, mischievous and down right diabolical! But, there's more than one type of skunk (why oh...
  15. Ravofox

    Give a new year's resolution to the user above

    Happy new year fluffbutts!!!:p It's 2019, or nearly so for some. So, it's time to stop being lazy, put down your pizza and go out there and achieve your new years resolutions!! However, for many of you laziness is all too tempting, so I've decided to make sure we ALL achieve something this year...
  16. Ravofox

    "Innocent" deer have reached Canadian-US border

    My furrends, a crisis is on our paws. Them wide eyed spotted fiends seem to think that they can get a free ticket to the slightly warmer climes of America from Canada this month. Despite the fact that there cervines are not using normal immigration procedures, millions of furs have been duped by...
  17. Ravofox

    your funniest animal encounter

    G'day! We all know animals can be pretty darn silly! I'm sure all of us would have had at least one funny interaction with an animal, whether it's a pet, in the wild, on the street or at a zoo! So, don't be shy and post some of your wackiest encounters you've had with an animal! To kick things...
  18. Ravofox

    Have you ever seen your fursona species?

    Let's face it, some animals you'll see every day, and others only can be found on the corner of the Earth. So, have you ever seen your fursona species, and if so, where did you first see it (or alternatively, when did you most recently see it)? In my case, I have suprisingly never seen a fox...
  19. Ravofox

    General Mice Thread

    G'day everyfur!! Well, we've seen fox antics. We've seen deer antics. But, a certain critter has been left out. Mice!!:)
  20. Ravofox

    Most nervous species

    G'day everyone! Don't be afraid (hehe) to come here and decide what species you think is the most nervous! I mean, some species just don't care and are always tots calm, while others are jittery like no get out!!!:p Just a word of warning, I know a lot of us here have real life anxiety issues...