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  1. HazelCat


    hey, I need a friend. Anyone want to talk or roleplay?
  2. HazelCat

    Character design tips?

    the title says it all, I've kind of come to a dead end of my brain when I try to design characters of my own, (and stories too) so maybe some helpful tips?
  3. HazelCat

    What do you love about this fandom?

    I've noticed negative threads going around discussing the bad aspects of this fandom. So, to get our minds off of all that, let's say what we like about this group! Not trying to deny or cower away from the fact that there are many problems, just trying to bring in a bit of positivity ^^ The...
  4. HazelCat

    Short gif requests

    I'm taking requests for short animations if you'd like one of your sona (or any character for that matter) If you have any questions, please ask.
  5. HazelCat

    Songs with a specific feel

    theres this song I love called ECHO, And another called uprising. I'm wondering if you guys know more songs like those? The lyrics are catchy in my opinion and the vibes they give off is wonderful to me.
  6. HazelCat

    Looking for a roleplayer

    Now it is, owO thread
  7. HazelCat

    Taking requests!

    taking furry art requests of anything! I'll only take about two or three, here are some examples of my art:
  8. HazelCat


    should I redesign my fursona, Hazel? She's a cat. And I'm not sure if I should make her coloring more realistic, change her hair, her patterns, anything. She looks off to me, but I can't quite put my finger on it. Are the shapes too random? How do I know what shapes to associate with myself?!
  9. HazelCat


    *if this isn't the place for me to post something like this, I'd appreciate you telling me so I can take it down* I have such a good life, and yet I'm so miserable. I'm too stupid to realize the good aspects of life, and I can't even remember exactly what reality is or the point of it. It's...
  10. HazelCat


    'sup fiends, it's 12:32 am and I'm bored. Anyone want to talk?
  11. HazelCat

    A cat has entered the chat!

    hello there! I'm Hazel Joy Fennel. Pleased to meet your acquaintance
  12. HazelCat

    Plot help

    I'm new to furaffinity, so I'm not sure if i should post a thread or if there's something I'm missing...? But I'd like to ask for plot ideas for if I was to make a comic type-thing. I can design characters and such, but when it comes to plot my brain refuses to do anything. I have a vague...