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  1. Endyran

    How to get out of an art block?

    Reading a book, seeing a movie or listening to music usually helps to get my back in the mood. What also helps is watching livestreams of people drawing or playing a game you like, usually that got me into a drawing mood.
  2. Endyran

    What is the best story you've ever read/heard/watched?

    There are several books that I've read, and two are ones that I enjoyed reading: -Skulduggery Pleasant series. I do need to finish the whole series, 3 books to go, but it's a very interesting story and the way of writing, it's both very amusing and it's easy to read for me. It's a mix of...
  3. Endyran

    Anthro and Feral art Opinions

    I like both, since both feral and anthro are fun to draw. I drew my cat once in my style, just as the way she is, with her favorite toy, and I plan to draw her as anthro too, just because it's fun ^^ For some species, like dragons, I do prefer them as feral, but I don't mind seeing them as...
  4. Endyran

    What video game are you playing...

    Currently playing Oldschool Runescape until membership runs out, then I'll focus on playing Stranger Things 3 on the Nintendo Switch. Hopefully that'll get me into playing Earthbound further, I really should finish that game!
  5. Endyran

    So, hi!

    I thought I should come to the forums before heading to bed. Before anyone asks, it's 4 AM here. Man, I should be asleep, haha... Anyway, the name's Endyran. But if you prefer to go by my sona's name, it's Jewel. (Although the sona in my avatar is Phantom, sorry if it gets confusing!) I'm...
  6. Endyran

    The internet view on furries

    Eh, I honestly haven't really cared about it. I mostly stay on the sidelines when it comes to the internet, taking things with a grain of salt. If someone really expresses that they don't like what I'm interested at, I just ignore them, usually works.
  7. Endyran