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  1. TallmanClay

    Finally drew something nice enough to use as my avatar.

    Finally drew something nice enough to use as my avatar.
  2. TallmanClay

    Signing Art

    I sign everything. And not just to prevent thievery, I sign it because it's mine. I want everyone who sees it to know I did it because, well, I did. Commissions included. I wouldn't buy a shirt and be offended by the tag. So I'm not that concerned with signatures whether I'm buying or selling.
  3. TallmanClay

    How is your art build up?

    Sloppy describes it well. I do a messy sketch, then I put color underneath and more color on top. After that I erase the lines that are still visible and merge layers. I don't do lineart so I can be lazier about things. Should: no, but can: yes. Don't take advice from me. I delete the unmerged...
  4. TallmanClay

    How "fast" do you expect responses?

    I can't expect much because I'm extremely bad about this. If it's business, I'll reply within 24 hours. If it's a friend, I'll reply sometime between 10 seconds and five days. Even so, I get anxious when someone doesn't reply to me because they're usually much faster about it.
  5. TallmanClay

    Critique: Painting birds help

    Thanks for the advice! I'll look him up. It's a blue-eared starling probably. It looks almost identical to a cape glossy, but I think it's the blue-eared one.
  6. TallmanClay

    What are you listerning to?

    Can't get this out of my head. Must share.
  7. TallmanClay

    Critique: Painting birds help

    I'd like to learn to paint birds. I can understand well enough how to draw birds with longer, visible feathers, but shorter feathers with invisible edges escape me. Someone please tell me how they go about painting birds, link a tutorial, or just another artist who has painted that kind of bird...
  8. TallmanClay

    What do you like to see in streams? (poll)

    I feel like on twitch you're expected to use mic, but I mostly watch on picarto where people don't as much. So what I like is when artists talk in chat. I watch streams so that I can talk to people with similar interests. It's where I met every one of my online friends. If it's a stream with...
  9. TallmanClay

    What is the best thing you have ever eaten or drank?

    A really good taco. I ate from that place everyday for a month until the salsa ripped up my stomach.
  10. TallmanClay

    Hiring: Looking for equine artists. $20-$100

    Please consider my work. Warning, both of my equine examples are NSFW. One Two Commission Info Here: Commission Info for TallmanClay -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  11. TallmanClay

    Hiring: Digital NSFW Fursona|Budget 50€

    Hello, I'm unsure if you're still seeking commissions, but if so, please take a look at my commission info here. Commission Info for TallmanClay -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Contact Info: tallcommissions@gmail.com
  12. TallmanClay

    Help with a story/art and viewership?

    It might be the fact that it's been so long? In regards to the fact that old readers are disappearing and new readers aren't coming. Starting a 22 chapter story that has been going on for a decade with no telling when it will end or whether it will end is a lot. There are a lot of comics I...
  13. TallmanClay

    Deciding on colour palettes

    Yep, maaajor problem for me. I really like painting faces. The rest of a drawing is just kind of there for me? So I'm always super lost when I have to start matching things. Beyond choosing the basic colors of the palette, deciding the saturation of things and whether I want cool or warm...
  14. TallmanClay

    Your opinion on Reddit?

    I've never experienced the kind of discouragement talked about here on Reddit. If I'm subscribed to a sub and the community sucks, I unsubscribe. Maybe it's because I'm not interested in the kinds of subreddits where opinions are given. I just want to see cool stuff for the most part. The...
  15. TallmanClay

    Any active art sites like FA and DA?

    I just joined from your post. It seems really, really nice. And for OP, it seems small, but like the people that are there are active? Basing things only on views though.
  16. TallmanClay

    Staying away from the porn.

    I don't have a sexual interest in furries so NSFW art and SFW art are the same to me when it comes to viewing. It only fazes me when I happen upon some extreme fetish (which hasn't happened at all on this particular website). If it's good art, it's good art. Seeing a lot of porn does become...
  17. TallmanClay

    If FA went down and didn't come back...

    I'd probably go back to Deviantart. More of returning home rather than leaving it. I don't know who takes the time to go through the 1,000 notices you get from groups per day, but they've made advertising way easier for me than it is on other places so yeah. It's a shame there's no real...
  18. TallmanClay

    What are your favorite hobbies?

    After drawing, learning languages is the hobby that eats up most of my time. I enjoy other things, but don't have time for them between those two.
  19. TallmanClay

    Chili peppers and spicy food.

    I love spicy food. Just about everything is better to me with a little spice. Mexican food is the exception for some reason even though it's my favorite. I don't think I've ever been to an Indian restaurant where the food was spicy. The opposite goes for Thai.