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  1. Mullerornis

    Prommoting my VN

    https://mullerornis.itch.io/lands-of-fire Updates are common.
  2. Mullerornis

    Got a novel published

    Amazon.com: Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more dp/B079SSP8X2
  3. Mullerornis

    Echo Threadu

    Not sure if appropriate here or in another subforum, but: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/echoproject/ Has anyone played the demo?
  4. Mullerornis

    Romantic Recommendations

    After reading Peachy Keen, I'm still desiring cute SFW LGBT romance comics. Any worthwhile reccomendations?
  5. Mullerornis

    The Nekci Menij Show

    https://www.youtube.com/user/GingerTheHorse Any particular thoughts?
  6. Mullerornis


    Name: Diogo [insert mary sue names here] Species: Brown-throated sloth Sex: Male Size: Don't know, I imagine him to be an "average" heighted guy, probably on the short side. Defenitely thin, around 70 kilos. Clothes: Generally hipster, preffers something evocative of a lumberjack, uses lots...
  7. Mullerornis

    Circles novel?

    http://groups.yahoo.com/group/circles-comic/surveys?id=3143096 Better fucking be true.
  8. Mullerornis

    Moral Complexity

    Just to be curious, how well do you like moral relativism in media? Personally, I think it's the most mature option to show gray morality. Both black and white morality and black and gray morality are very childish and boring.
  9. Mullerornis

    The Sun

    There's more evidence for Helios than there is for Yahweh. Agree?
  10. Mullerornis

    Reconciliation there, reconciliation gone

    So, I'm bi, or whatever label you find apropriate for someone who isn't on either extreme of the Kinsey Scale. Now, loathing is not by any means uncommon, but this has just started to infuriate me. For whatever reason I cannot fathom, I preffer the gay side of my sexuality. It's not like I hate...
  11. Mullerornis

    Enlightment is evil

    http://ichthyoconodon.wordpress.com/2012/07/09/enlightment-the-path-of-the-selfish-imbecile/ Though I suppose many already knew that...
  12. Mullerornis

    Hanlon's Razor

    "Dont attribute to malice what can easily be explained by stupidity" Aside from the TV Tropes staff, can you think of any other examples where mind numbing stupidity is responsible rather than a desire to harm?
  13. Mullerornis

    Nyan Neko Sugar Girls

    Most hilarious anime ever. At least better than half the crap animus import from Japan anyway
  14. Mullerornis

    Bella Swan and the Huntsman

    So, is the new "corruption into psuedo-Twilight" version of Snowhite any good?
  15. Mullerornis

    Totem identity

    Note: spiritual bullshit below. Get the hell out of here if you hate. *** So, I don't know what my totem is, but I feel a connection to some birds and stags. According to the Totem Zodiac, whose credibility I am not aware off, I am a woodpecker, which quite fits personality wise, as I feel an...
  16. Mullerornis

    So, DC Comics is kinda dumb

    As you might be aware, DC Comics was planning to pick a random established superhero and making him gay. They picked Alan Scott. Here's a quote showing why that backfired horrendously: "1- Is the least known of the Green Lanterns (and does not wear what non-comic reading audiences would even...
  17. Mullerornis

    Xaman's Tears

    So, I've been hearing about this comic series in several places, but nothing has come of my search. Since it was made by the same people who did Youngblood, though, I'm assuming it's a prime candidate for shit material.