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  1. Egg Squid Frog System

    Are you in need of a free of charge VA for projects?

    Hi! I usually do voiceovers for online posts but I was wondering if anyone's looking for a free of charge VA with a mildly deep/"male" voice with a mixed accent for fun projects etc? I'm 23, live in the UK and it's gonna be a few months before I can go back to uni (due to a surgery) so I...
  2. Egg Squid Frog System

    Where to advertise mildly NSFW art commissions?

    Hi! I was wondering which thread/websites accept mildly NSFW art/ the announcement of commission slots where you can show examples? Is deviantart a good place to create an online gallery in this case? Thanks in advance! <3
  3. Egg Squid Frog System

    Anyone else on here makes music?

    Hi guys~ I was wondering if anyone else on here likes to make some kind of music? I'm a pianist but also make music on my laptop and it's just a mix of a bunch of slightly random styles. Or maybe does anyone on here sing? :3
  4. Egg Squid Frog System

    UK mini meet near Coventry?

    Hi guys ^-^ I've recently been trying to find a bunch of local furries that would maybe wanna meet up every now and then (grab some food, play smth, have some fun without necessarily drinking etc) near Coventry? I'm a student and don't have a car yet so I can't travel too far hence I thought...
  5. Egg Squid Frog System

    UK meetup?

    Hi everyone :3 I've found this website and I'm wondering if it's ok to ask peeps on here if there's anyone in the UK (near Coventry/Leicester) who'd want to do a mini meet up every now and then? I've tried asking on FB and such but that did not work to say the least ;-; also I've heard there...