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  1. Ji-Ji

    Gobbler - Online music project share.

    Anyone used this? https://www.gobbler.com/ I'm quite interested in getting some projects shared soon, might give some buzz to get back into doing something serious and not just one off dodgy recordings. Gobblers like dropbox apparently, but somehow more effective at uploading project sessions...
  2. Ji-Ji

    Face Rig - Virtual avatar webchat thingy

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=cbIWRd514-s Saw this pop up on my tumblr, seems a little cheesy IMO but I think it could be cool for some people, what do you lot think?
  3. Ji-Ji

    Spare a minute and help me out.

    Hey, if you have a minute or two spare can you listen to 30ish second samples tell me which you prefer. I'm doing a research paper on reverberation techniques, I'm comparing real to DAW spring and plate emulated ones etc... https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/VZJ22N5 Just have to vote the other two...
  4. Ji-Ji

    Proxy Software!

    Ahoy, I'm after a new proxy software/service to load Netflix in US on my xbox and PC. I am crap at explaining, they basically make the target website you are going to think you are logging in from somewhere else. Yes they are legal I have been paying for Unblock US for about a year now, but...
  5. Ji-Ji

    Studio Porn - Things we want/want to brag.

    All musicians crave pretty things, when we get it we want something else. I really want these They're on offer and I think I can get a bit more off through my Uni next academic year. I desperately need some monitors, it's holding my mixes back in result demotivating me. I also want a...
  6. Ji-Ji

    Reverb effects?

    I was wondering how you guys prefer Reverb on your projects? I tend to change mine everytime, as there's a few reverb plugins on logic and I shoot through the dark with them. It's one of my weaker areas at the mo. So do you guys have a rule of thumb for certain instruments you then tailor or...?
  7. Ji-Ji

    invisible earphones.

    http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/news/entertainment/man_invents_invisible_headphone_implants.html So a man has fitted a magnet into his tragus, that can work as an earphone and GPS locator. I think it's cool but I'd never do it to myself. Thoughts?
  8. Ji-Ji

    Odd collections or quirks.

    What things do you collect or weird things you do? For example : I hoard cables and adaptors. Power cables, audio cables, computer and television ones etc. I have like three bags and guitar cases full of cables I may not need but could come in handy one day. I also collect those little bendy...
  9. Ji-Ji

    Let's network!

    Right, now I have internet access again, I'd like your music accounts on FA if you have em! Link em up! Mine is http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ji-ji/ My portfolio is a bit weak at the moment, hopefully if I get some time between work and life I'll finish some projects soon. If you're a...
  10. Ji-Ji

    Can you live without the internet?

    I've moved home for the summer, my parents have no use for computers, alas there is no net. I tether mobile net now, and it sucks, I can't browse well, watch videos, Xbox online or upload music. It's been two weeks, me and my sister are setting up the net here but it will be another fortnight...
  11. Ji-Ji

    percussion for acoustic demos?

    Hey guys, been recording a few acoustic things lately, and it feels thin without percussion. I don't own an acoustic kit, I was wondering if any of you could recommend any good vst percussion sound banks or kits that would fit this genre? Thanks
  12. Ji-Ji

    Graphic Tablet question

    Ahoy, (why do I keep saying ahoy..) I have a noobiest of noob questions, apologies if this is in wrong section. Basically you lot (yeah you lot) have made me want to doodle and practise drawing, nothing serious just a bit of fun to pass the time til uni starts again. I was talking to to my...
  13. Ji-Ji


    Hey, I am new. I don't know what to say other than that haha. I'm a musician, also studying music at university. I sing, guitar, and spend most of my time asleep in a kigurumi. I'm not sure if I am a furry if I'm honest, but I want to learn more and meet folk so here I am!